All PUBG weapons, what is the best

With more than 400 million total players, tens of millions of league players. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG) is one of the most successful games in existence today. As it is primarily responsible for the very rapid deployment of the Battle Royal style, and is the inspiration for Epic Games to develop the Fort Roister Battle Royale mode. With the diversities of the game’s weapons, it is no wonder that many are looking for the best weapons in Pubg.

In an earlier article we discussed the best ways and tips necessary for the players to improve their level and raise their ability to achieve victory and “chicken dinner”, and of course one of the most important things that must be seen to win are the weapons used, all weapons PUBG (weapons Pubg) Its disadvantages and the amount of damage it has to pay attention to to know how to engage with the enemies, so here we will provide comprehensive information on all the weapons of the game Pubg(weapons Pubg).

Before we complete, look closely at the image above, which contains the basic symbols we will use in the following images and their meaning. To illustrate, the three map characters are the first letters of the current game map names: Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. Be sure to check out the last paragraph of the article where we explain how shields work, helmets and the impact of various injuries on the player’s body.

Rifles Sniper Rifles

In the PUBG game and most other games, long-range weapons are divided into two main parts: snipers and long-range rifles. The main difference is the firing method. Each bullet must be re-fed into the snipers. . As a result, snipers are useful if you are proficient in hitting your goal with the first shot, while sniper guns allow for another faster chance to hit.

Sniper AWM

Despite its extreme scarcity, there is no doubt that the AWM sniper rifle is the most undisputed Pubg weapon. It is the only weapon that can kill any enemy, no matter how hard it is to hit the head (with the exception of the bow). Of course, this weapon can only be obtained from the boxes of the aircraft, so it is very unlikely to be obtained, and it is the lowest of the Baji weapons. They also use a special kind of ammunition that is not found anywhere on the map, and you get only 25 bullets with snipers, so you should calculate your options well.

Sniper M24

If we take all the factors into account, these snipers are actually the best weapons in the PUBG game. Although it does not have the destructive power of the AWM, it has a powerful force that allows it to kill any player with a second-level helmet or one shot to the head. It also uses 7.62 bullets that are very common and used from other weapons.

Previously, these snipers were exclusive to the funds in the game, but they were added to the common weapons recently with the damage reduced from 88 to 79 and make them very rare. But in general, snipers are the strongest Peggy weapons on the map.

Sniper Kar98k

Previously, these snipers were the only ones to appear on the map as a normal weapon, regardless of the map or platform. Of course, they have a lot of damage that makes them completely destructive in the long run and enough to knock the opponent off with one bullet in the head with a second or lower level helmet.
The only drawback is that it does not accept an expanded pencil store and that the recharging of bullets is very slow compared to other snipers. Recently, these snipers lost part of their distinction as the M24 sniper turned from an exclusive weapon to a weapon available on the map, but it was without doubt one of the most powerful and most popular of Pubg weapons.

Sniper Win94

Unlike other snipers, these snipers appear only in the desert map of Miramar. They can be described as the worst snipers in the game undisputed because of the relatively low damage, and they do not accept the use of any kind of telescope (which makes their classification as snipers seem very strange). On the whole, almost any other weapon would be a better option, and sticking to their use of a fatal error would usually cost the loss.

Long range rifles (Designated Marksman Rifle / DMR) – Pubg weapons

As we mentioned by talking about snipers, these rifles are different in that they are able to automatically re-feed the bullets into the blast chamber. you do not need to do it manually, the result of course shooting faster. But with relatively minimal damage compared to the snipers. So if you have not mastered the correction well enough for the use of snipers these guns will be best suited to you.

Rifle MK14

This is the only rifle (of its class) that is only present in the boxes and, as expected, it has a higher level of damage than the rest, and is relatively easy to use and control, making it easily the best option in this category despite its extreme scarcity.
If you do not like the use of snipers in general, this rifle is the most powerful weapon in Pubg in terms of effectiveness. It can produce a huge amount of damage, and if you use it, it has an unmatched accuracy that makes it one of the best weapons in the PUBG game.

SLR rifle

Currently this rifle is one of the latest additions to the game. After they were only available for computers, they were recently added to the version of the Xbox player and the phone version of the game Pubg. Overall, this rifle is one of the best options because of the high damage it produces, but it is harder to control than others, and sometimes acting unexpectedly makes replacing it with SKS a better option for some.


So far it is possible to say that the SKS is the most long-range rifle in the game, it is relatively damaging, with easy control and plenty of accessories that can be added to customize the maximum use experience. Of course, this rifle is not flawless, especially its very large bounce.
Currently the basic feature of the SKS rifle is that it possesses a very low sound and is difficult to discern as well. If there is a silencer for the sniper and used with it, these snipers become the best weapon in PUBG in terms of concealment compared to the damage caused by the bullet.

QBU88 Gun

This gun is one of the newest weapons in the game, since it has only been added recently and exclusively to the Sanhok map. Of course, as shown in the picture above, Venice is not the best weapon in the PUBG game because it has a relatively low damage rate in its class, and the rifle bounce is large and difficult to control. But if the player is bent rather than standing, the rifle becomes very accurate with a near-zero bounce that allows for several consecutive long-range shooting.

Mini Shotgun


Among the various long-range rifles, this is the only one that uses a 5.56 gauge and has the highest bullet speed for any weapon in the game. However, the damage caused by the gun is psychologically low and is not comfortable to control and is usually an unpopular option for the rest.


This rifle has the lowest damage in its class and very low bullet velocity making it unsuitable for the long run. But in return it is the fastest shooting, which partially compensates for it and makes it usable effectively in the near term even. Its primary brilliance is its concealment, as it comes with a muffler in advance and is integrated with the X4 telescope, making it a favorite for many recently.
If you want to get people remotely without revealing where you are, VSS is probably the best weapon in the world. Since the sound of their bullets is never heard of long enough targets, and an attempt to guess the direction of firing from them is almost impossible. Even in the game version of Peugeot, there is no indication of the lead of the weapon.

Guns and assault rifles (Assault Rifles / AR & Lite Machine Guns / LMG) – Pubg weapons

This category of weapons is the most commonly used in the game, it has a relatively high shooting speed, and it is suitable to deal with the various dimensions usually though the main field is the medium term in general.

Machine gun DP-28

This machine has the highest level of damage in its class undisputed. His 47-shot arsenal makes him very tempting in the first half of the game. On the other hand, the control is very difficult and the correction is not easy with the fact that the disk-shaped store usually occupies a large part of the screen. With the addition of a very long refill time, it seems obvious that this weapon is generally disliked, where a machine gun or other assault rifle is usually replaced as soon as possible.


This rifle has the highest rate of damage per second among other sprinklers, and although rare (it is exclusive to boxes only) it is one of the best options possible because of the high shooting speed associated with high stability makes it possible to eliminate an entire team in one store sometimes if Use them correctly.
In any case, learning the use of this gun is not easy, and needs several attempts to master the fire using it. Fortunately, some training in the training mode would improve playing with this lethal weapon.

AKM rifle

For the near term it is possible for an AKM rifle to tear the enemy into pieces very quickly because of the great damage to its bullets. But Venice suffers heavily when used in the medium and long term. Especially when it is relatively slower on the one hand, and controlling it is almost impossible on the other hand as it is never fixed during the shooting.
But in case you are able to handle the extreme rebound of the AKM rifle it is not a bad option at all. It has a very popular base and for some it is the best BPG and even better than the beloved M416 rifle.

Gun MK47 Mutant

This rifle is the latest in the game currently where it was recently added to the PC version amid a relatively low welcome. This rifle, despite its high level of damage, has large and obvious flaws, most notably the fact that it can not fire a bribe. The two supported shooting methods are either a bullet or two rounds of bullets.
This makes the rifle the second among the Peggy weapons in this shooting mode accompanying the M16A4 rifle. In general, this rifle is primarily suitable for the medium range, while in the near distances it can not compete with other options, especially with its original store being only 20 bullets in contrast to other PUBG attackers.

Gun Beryl M762

This rifle comes as a hybrid between two of the most preferred attackers in the game of the Peggy: the AKM rifle and the M416 rifle. The rifle has a relatively high damage rate with a large firing speed, although it is firing 7.62mm bullets. At the same time, the rifle supports many accessories that help to control it more especially with the rebound is very large compared to other weapons.

M249 machine gun

This weapon is not the most stable in the game, and it is certainly far from being easy to use, but with relatively high damage to each shot, and the fastest shooting speed is the category, accompanied by a store of 100 bullets, this machine is usually a tempting weapon for use when found. In a box, especially in the teams’ matches, where it is distinguished by the groups in the first place.
In general, despite the benefits of the machine, it is often a good idea to give up, since it takes a very long time to change its huge store. Although the firing of 100 consecutive bullets is rare, remaining fully exposed during the switch of the store is very bad, especially as the weapon does not accept an expanded or fast-moving warehouse.

Gun A3 AUG

As with the Groza rifle, you will not be able to get AUG unless you find it in a box, but when you find it, the best option is to use it normally with a muffler, although the damage from each shot is relatively low. With exceptional stability compared to other rifles of his class.
Currently AUG A3 is the primary candidate to be the next weapon to move from the boxes only to appear periodically in the maps. In the event that this happens without really changing the capabilities of the weapon will undoubtedly be the strongest Peggy weapons within the machine guns (except Gun Groza of course).

Gun M16A4

When the game started in the early stages of the game, the rifle was destroyed in the full sense of the word, especially when used in the long term with binoculars of great approximation, but with successive updates the level of the rifle was very damaged and not support the shooting Rasha (but in the form of consecutive bursts of 3 Bullets in each of them) just fell out of their preferences recently.

M416 rifle

For most players, this rifle is the most balanced in all respects, it is highly customizable for various uses and can be used for almost any range with the right accessories. However, the main point to be made against this gun is that finding all the accessories needed is relatively difficult, and it’s usually best to start collecting their own accessories before they even find the gun.
Currently this rifle is the most preferred among the game weapons of Peggy, and most likely it will remain so with the fact that other additions do not really threaten its position. The only sprayers that perform better are AUG A3 and Groza, both of which are exclusive to the funds.

Gun Scar-L

If the M416 is not available, Scar-L is usually the best alternative. Especially as it has fairly similar control and support for many accessories. Although it is slightly slower in terms of speed of fire, it has a relatively weaker sound, making it ideal with a silencer. Especially in the short to medium term. Currently the rifle is available in the Erangel and Miramar maps only, while the Sanhok map has recently been removed after adding the QBZ95 rifle to it.


Currently this rifle is the last weapon added to the PUBG game, but it is exclusive to the Sanhok map only. Despite the late arrival of the weapon and the Sanhok map to release Xbox players and phones from the game of Peugeot, the weapon is now available to all and is favored by many as it matches the style of playing in the crowded and tree-covered Sanhok map.


This rifle has been added to the game recently with the snowy Vekindi map as its exclusive weapon. This gun generally comes as an alternative to the Scar-L rifle (being unavailable in Vekindi) and of course it is very similar to it. Overall, the rifle is easy to use and control, and its firing speed is relatively large. Overall the rifle is very close to the M416 capabilities and is an ideal alternative to it in most cases in fact.

Sub-Machine Guns / SMG – Peggy weapons

As the name implies, these rifles are suitable for near-term only as they have very high firing speeds. But with a limited range and low damage with the speed of the bullet is relatively slow, and in some cases it is best to get rid of them after the first part of the game.

Gun Tommy Gun (or Thompson SMG)

With an extended store it is possible for this gun to do a lot in the first part of the game, where the expanded arsenal of 50 bullets, and although the gun does not support the use of any telescope of any kind, they are extremely effective in the near term. But of course, using it later is not a good idea.

Gun UMP9

It is possible to say that this rifle is the light shotgun opposite the M416 assault rifle. It supports many accessories and can be very much customized with the possibility of using it until late in the game of Peggy, especially after recent updates that have greatly improved its performance.
Currently, the UMP9 rifle is one of the most popular and popular in the world. Having been very limited in effectiveness, they are now exceptionally stable and can be relied on throughout the game, especially in the small Sanhok map where the distances are generally shorter.


With a very high shooting speed and exceptional stability when aiming, it can be quite destructive when dealing with individual enemies, but if you do not have an expanded arsenal, any other light gun will be better, with only 13 bullets In less than a second), but with the expanded storage space for 25 bullets make it an effective weapon at the beginning of the game.
Among the various weapons currently, this rifle offers the highest rate of damage per second. Due to the exceptional stability it is possible to rely on Vector until the end of the game. But if you want to play on a medium range, it’s best to give up this weapon against the UMP9 or perhaps an attack machine.


This weapon is probably the most hated of its class in the game. It does not support the use of binoculars and is not really customizable. But with the fastest shooting speed and the best in the game, it is not a bad choice at first.


These weapons will not give you any real benefit if not your enemy only a few meters away, their impact is limited to the very near range, and any distance of over 10 meters usually means that it is better to use a pistol to use Shoot Guns.


This gun can only shoot two bullets and release them relatively quickly, causing tremendous damage in the near term. The injury of the enemy with a bullet or two is usually sufficient to kill him, regardless of the armor he wears. However, the refill has been relatively long, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of this rifle.


This rifle looks like the traditional form of its class. It has five bullets and needs to be filled manually. Although it has a very high damage rate, it is usually impractical. In most cases it either hits the first strike or dies while you re-feed it.


This rifle comes in very strange condition, it uses the accessories of assault rifles and it can be placed muffler and telescope even, but the result is a short-term dedicated to a very short time, with a simple break that it shoots without the need for manual feeding, although the damage is slightly lower than the other two options , They are the best in terms of practical use being more flexible in dealing with them.

Side arms & pistols

The most important point in these weapons is that they do not occupy the two boxes allocated to the main weapons, but they have a small box dedicated to them alone, and although they may be completely saved at the beginning of the game, once you get the appropriate equipment usually turn into an additional load no more.

Flare Gun

This gun is not really a weapon, though it occupies the usual pistol position within the gear. Where the pistol comes with only one bullet and can be fired only towards the sky where it leaves a light effect that appears from long distances, and calls for a plane to throw a load near the launch site.
If the player is out of the white circle, the load is a bulletproof Jeep UAZ (but of course explosive). But if the player is within the circle of play, what is landing is a large box includes a helmet and armor of the third level, in addition to the weapons of exclusive funds, one medium and long term.


In principle, this weapon is weighted (albeit with less damage than the other options) but does not occupy a core box so it is usually classified as a side weapon. It is generally possible that this rifle is very useful in the Miramar map (being exclusive to it), but after the first minutes of battle it usually loses its usefulness.


Despite the extremely high damage to being a gun, this gun is the worst weapon in the game at all. Its control is almost impossible, and it takes a very long time to refill it, so any other option is better.


The pistol is a reel but exclusive to the Miramar map. Even though it is relatively faster to shoot, it remains a bad choice as it usually has the same problems: controlling it is very difficult, and filling it takes too long.


The high damage rate of the gun usually makes it seem tempting to some, but its width for only seven bullets means that it is not really useful without an expanded store (12 bullets), and even then it is the least favored option compared to other conventional guns. For some, this is the worst Pubg game weapon.


Although the damage caused by this pistol is not really high, it has 15 bullets (up to 20 with an expanded store) making it one of the best options, especially with being very common.


The pistol has the lowest level of damage to any weapon in the game of Peggy, but it is the best pistol in fact thanks to the very high speed of shooting and it can accommodate 17 bullets (25 with an expanded store). In many cases, this pistol can be compared to a light gun such as UZI.


This Czechoslovakian weapon (before the collapse of Czechoslovakia and disintegrating) is the last pistol added to the game and undoubtedly stronger. It is an automatic pistol that can fire a bribe as a P18C pistol but faster and with a larger store as well. In fact, this pistol is even closer to light machine guns, and even though it does not occupy a primary weapon, it is perfectly ideal as a side-weapon for the transition to use quickly instead of replacing the store.


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