How to Increase “FPS” in PUBG Mobile to Play Better

In recent years, Android devices have become very powerful, and developers have begun to make games to fit these devices, and these games are becoming increasingly sophisticated, but these games have grown to become sophisticated and require high specifications such as the game of Buggy Mobile Pubg Mobile.

Because the game is a graphical game and requires a large screen resolution, the game PUBG Mobile automatically identify the specifications of your device and work as the specifications of the device, and may not work according to specifications of your mobile device.

How to Increase FPS in Peugeot Mobile

You can set the settings on HDR and set FRAME RATE to HIGH, but you can open the best FRAME RATE criteria and set it to EXTREME FRAME RATE to play the game of Peggy Mobile with the best 60FPS without cutting.

Thanks to an application called the GFX tool, you can open the ability to change the graphic settings and frame rate in the Peggy Mobile and push the hardware limits of your mobile device to get a chicken dinner! !

Download GFX as APK (Exclusive)
Run the GFX application and grant the necessary permissions (not required for ROOT).


Gfx application to improve game

The settings you need to play in the 60fps window
Select the version as 0.6 (GP)
Adjust the resolution slightly less than the default option (we recommend 1280 x 720 resolution).
Set the graphics settings to So Smooth.
Set the FPS to 60.
Assign graphics to Vulkan (for Android 7.0 and above).
Press the Accept button and press RUN to launch the PUBG Mobile application.
Check to see if GPU options are enabled and the new frame rate is enabled.

In the Mobile PUBG application, tap the Settings icon in the upper-right corner.
Click on Graphics and check to see if Smooth is selected under the Graphics section and Extreme will be selected under the frame rate
Both options are not available by default on most Android devices, so the GFX tool works and you can now enjoy a 60FPS game on PUBG Mobile. In addition, we’ve been able to ensure that this adjustment works perfectly if all steps are applied correctly

Did you try to play a PUBG Mobile at a frame rate of 60FPS? Have you enjoyed this experience? Please leave a comment to us as per your experience and let us know your opinion.

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