What is the story of the game “PUBG” that has become the focus of young people?

In recent years, many war games have proliferated, but few are successful. Among the recently successful and widely acclaimed games of the game is the Royal Peggy, which allows a huge group of players to play individually or in groups and fight each other in a confrontation between everyone. Currently the most famous war games and most realistic.

The game has just been released on the Smartphone for free, called PUBG Mobile, and has gained some fame similar to Fortnight, but it is true that the game of Peugeot is the oldest.

The idea of ​​the game is very similar to the computer version. The game starts with 100 players in a warplane flying over a large island. The player can choose where to jump from the plane, then collect weapons and other extras on this island to help him survive. All 100 players will be hunters and killers. Victims in the game, you have to be the last person alive on the island to kill all the warriors.

The catalyst for fighting in this game and the point that will make the players move continuously instead of sitting and waiting for the end of the fighting is that the playing area is constantly shrinking by the so-called “Zun”. All the players outside this region will end up dying and losing, In the battle until the victor comes out last.

The game got many downloads and the number of newly joined players, even when the game stopped making changes and updates quickly became the third place in the Trend social networking site Twitter, and the players expressed their deep resentment and this makes them closer to addiction.

More than 15 million copies of the game have been sold so far, and the game has more than 2 million players and has been downloaded to the Android store more than 32.34 million times and has become the leading application in more than 100 countries around the world.

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