All weapon accessories in the PUBG game

Almost two years after the launch of the Battle Royale, which really started with the H1Z1, it is clear that this gaming style will be a key part of the gaming world in the near future. The most successful games of the last few years are Fortnite and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), each with tens of millions of players today, with a steady record of records all the time.

Although PUBG had begun to experience a recent slowdown in growth and even fewer active players on computers. The game has seen a second wave of boom with the release of phones, which has become one of the most popular phone games now. However, as PUBG is the subject of this article, it should be remembered that one of its most important features is its large appropriateness of weapons. They include a large number of weapons and accessories. Where the performance of weapons can be changed significantly according to the accessories that are placed with it.

Here we will discuss all the weapons accessories available in the game now, where we will mention the benefits of each and the way and the appropriate situation for use and weapons better to use with them as well. And of course, do not forget the readers of our previous article, which deals with all the weapons in the game with information in numbers selected to facilitate the choice between them.

Front Attachment Accessories

The task of this basic supplement is to reduce the bounce of weapons resulting from firing in successive bursts. As the game simulates the arms rebound that actually gets, the task of this supplement is to minimize the effect of this bounce as much as possible to make the shooting in the form of consecutive bursts or in a spray mode easier to control and generally more accurate.
The best use of this supplement comes with submachine guns (Submachine Guns / SMG) such as UMP9 and Vector as well as some assault rifles (Assault Rifles / AR), especially AKM. In fact, using an AKM with any other extension is wrong with the rate, which greatly improves the ability to control it.

On the other hand, any other accessory is a better option than the average if the weapon is a rifle designed for the long term (Marksman Rifle / DMR) such as SKS or SLR, or it is a sniper rifle such as Kar98K or M24. The effect of this supplement is very limited in cases of intermittent shooting.

Flash Hider

As the name of this supplement suggests, its primary task is to hide the flames from the barrel with fire. Although it does not hide the flame completely, it is very useful in case of need to hide, especially when shooting from buildings and from relatively long distances. Of course, the supplement has other beneficial effects, slightly reducing the rebound, but its effect is very small compared to the average.
The best use of this supplement is with long-range rifles and snipers. It is ideal for hiding the source of fire on enemies. It is possible for the player to gain very important seconds before enemies can locate and shoot him. Of course, the accessory can be used with assault rifles such as the M416 or the Scar-L if it is equipped with a telescope and is intended for long distance fire rather than close engagement.

For light machine guns or assault rifles in near-term situations, flame concealer is not a really useful supplement. The fact that these weapons are intended for close-range clashes makes hiding the flame really unimportant because the enemies will reveal your place from the sound of the weapon, not the light of flame. So it is always better to give up the hidden flame in favor of the average for any weapon for the near term.


Do not let the name fool you here, this supplement will not turn you into a completely silent killer with never-heard lead. But it reduces the sound only to make the distinction of the source much more difficult, and it reduces the sound range of the sound of the bullet, making the player more hidden for those around him and those who are away from him. In addition to mute in part, the muzzle conceals the flame almost completely, and is often better at hiding than the flame itself.

With this supplement clearly marked by other accessories, it is no wonder that it is the preferred option in most cases. It is the ideal choice for sniper rifles and long range rifles. It is also the best for some attack machine guns, especially the M416 and Scar-L because they are relatively low bounce.
The negative aspect of the muffler is that it does not reduce the actual rebound. Therefore, although it is the best option in the vast majority of cases, in some cases it should be avoided, especially with a weapon with a very large bounce and uncontrollable patterns such as AKM.


This extension is the only one available for Shotguns in the game, and of course it is limited to them. The principle of its work is simply to reduce the lead-release range of the shin, thus focusing more damage and making the weapon better in general use. Here there is no argument in fact, as this supplement should always be used with the shuzen if available.

Grips / Bottom Accessories

In case you have played the game for any time, you must have noticed a place for an extra accessory under the weapon for many weapons. Of course there are some weapons that do not accept accessories such as AKM, DP-28 and M16A4, and there are some highly customizable weapons such as M416, Vector and UMP9. However, the game contained only two usable grips, but the lineup has recently been expanded to include 3 new grips.

Vertical Foregrip

Before the final update, this grip was most appropriate in most cases. It reduces the vertical recoil of the weapon, making any weapon generally easier to use in mid-range shooting situations, especially in the most common cascade mode of the game. Generally, this grip does not have any really negative side, so it is suitable for various weapons.

Angled Foregrip

This retraction does not change from the vertical rebound of the weapon, but it greatly limits the horizontal bounce, and with the horizontal rebound more difficult to control because it has directional motion, it is very suitable for near-term shooting, especially in the automatic spraying mode.

Half Grip

Currently, this grip is the perfect solution for the vast majority of cases, it is very suitable for spraying or firing bursts. But it is not the best option for long-range weapons in general, though they do not harm if they are not really useful.

Light Grip

In the vast majority of cases, this grip gives a negative impact on the shooting, increasing both vertical and horizontal recoil. That is, it does not work for spray and near term. In contrast, the grip reduces the time required to return the weapon to its basic state of rebound, so it is ideal for long range weapons, especially the SKS rifle. Any weapon that is fired with a semi-automatic bullet is very suitable for this grip.

Thump Grip

For close encounters and continuous spraying, this fist is the best solution now. They are therefore very useful for near-term weapons. On the other hand, the grip is very bad with long range weapons, so it is better to use it with a weapon such as the M416 or Scar-L and without a close telescope of course.

Stores and whichever is better

The game includes three types of stores:
• QuickDraw Magazine reduces the buffer switching time by about 30%, usually the least preferred option.
• Extended Magazine increases the number of bullets in each store, and in most cases is a better option than a fast-moving store.
• Extended QuickDraw Magazine increases the number of bullets in the store and accelerates its replacement at the same time. So it is clearly the best option.


The game includes several accessories for the shoulder pads, but most weapons do not support any accessories and most are dedicated to only one or two weapons. These accessories are:
• Tactical Stock (Tactical Stock): This accessory is for the M416 and Vector only, which is essential when either is used. It reduces the arms rebound and makes it much better. The key role is probably played in the large popularity of the M416 rifle.
• UZI Micro Stock Shoulder (Stock for Micro UZI): As the name implies, this supplement is exclusive to the lightweight UZI rifle, and although it is generally useful, it is not really necessary, especially with the scarcity of this weapon.

• Cheek Pad: This supplement is only for snipers, and reduces the movement of arms during pinpointing to a large extent, so it is a preferred option in all cases, and although it is not essential it certainly is not harmful.
• Bullet Loops: There are two types of this extension, one for the weight, the other for the Kar98k and Win94 snaps. His task is one in both cases: making the refilling time significantly shorter than usual. In the case of the Kar98k sniper it is a preferred option on the facerest usually.


The game has many binoculars options now, there are those that do not really rounded up like the Red Dot and the Holographic Sight, and there are those that include X2, X3, X4, X6, X8 and X15. The latter is very rare being only in boxes, It is found.
In use, light sprinklers (except for Micro UZI and Tommy Gun) and assault rifles support endoscopes up to the X6 currently, while the X8 and X15 binoculars are exclusive to long-range rifles such as SKS and Mini14 and snipers such as Kar98k and AWM.

In terms of use, it is best to observe the X2 or lower profile for near-term weapons such as light and attack machine guns, and to keep close-range telescopes for long-range weapons. But if you do not have a sniper or a long-range rifle, using an X6 with an assault machine is not a bad idea, but it’s best to have the M16A4 because of its high lead velocity versus the rest. Weapons such as light guns or AKM submachine guns are very poor in the medium and long term even with a close telescope, simply because the speed of their bullets is generally low.

Examples of accessories suitable for some of the most frequently used weapons:

M416 Rifle: Better to be used with Tactical Stock, Red Dot or X2 with Thump Grip and muffler.
AKM rifle: It is best to be used with the Red Dot telescope and the Compensator exclusively.
UMP9: It is best to use the Half Grip and the Red Dot with the Compensator.
Gun SKS: It is best to use a Cheek Pad, Light Grip, X4 or higher and muffler.
Kar98K snipers: Better to be used with Bullet Loops, an X4 telescope or more and at least a silencer or light mask.

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