PUBG game settings suitable for playing

September update (the following explanation for changing the settings, after the update is available in the game without need to make changes to the file)

The most important secrets of the game PUBG that you adjust the game settings to suit the game of team and rapid fighting and quick response to play, the game without correct settings may cause slow during the game or control wrong Attention: The next steps we will make the owners of Android phones and to get settings Extra Special Offer. IPhone owners – iPhone You do not have access to this description You can complete the rest of the details of tricks and tricks of the game PUBG.

First, download this application


Open the file browser app you previously downloaded. Press Internal Storage. Go to this file’s Android track then data then com.tencent.ig then files UE4Games then ShadowTrackerExtra then Shado then wTrackerExtra then Save then Config then Android. You will find a file named UserCustom.ini Click on it and rename it UserCustom.txt.

Scroll down until you find these options and change 0 to 1 in the following lines: + CVs = r.PUBGQualityLevel = 1 + CVs = r.UserQualitySetting = 1

Now rename the file from UserCustom.txt to UserCustom.ini Open a PUBG game And enter the settings through the lime above you will find that there are new settings have been added previously did not exist. Adjust the settings as in the images below and if a warning message appears, ignore them. Do a restart for the game.

From the Settings menu, click on Graphics and make settings like what’s in the image.

Then modify the layers, choose the layer unit, and adjust the size of the buttons.

Adjust the touch sensitivity by selecting something like in the picture.

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