3 Reasons why PUBG Map Vikendi has an abundance of SMGs

The latest update in December by the makers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds introduced the brand-new PUBG Map Vikendi.

There is no official word regarding the high spawn rate of SMGs, but we believe that the following could be the reasons for the addition of the huge number of SMGs.

Most of the changes to the environment and the vehicle dynamics were welcomed by the PUBG community, but the same could not be said about the loot system. The developers opted for the inclusion of a higher number of SMGs and shotguns over assault rifles, DMRs and sniper rifles, which was a disappointment to the majority of the community.

To ensure that more players make it to the final stages of a match

With less number of ARs, DMRs and snipers, along with the wealth of armour, it is likely that more and more players will make it to the latter stages of a match, which should increase the overall gunplay at close distances. This emphasises early game looting for better weapons and armour, which could turn out to be a rewarding experience for the players who were adventures early in the game.

Regarding Vikendi, the new 6km X 6km snow-covered map is truly stunning to look at and is easily the best map available in PUBG so far. It introduces a host of changes to core gameplay, forcing players to improvise their strategy as player movements could be tracked on the snow via footprints and vehicle tracks. Additionally, the vehicle dynamics are also altered on this map for an authentic snow experience.

To encourage close-quarter combat situations

The company behind the franchise possibility wanted players to experience more close-quarter combat situations rather than the tactical gameplay seen in Erangel and Miramar. As the map is smaller in size, a gradual progression mechanic from Sanhok to Erangel and Miramar must be the driving factor behind this rationale.

To make early-game looting much more significant

Since the map features an abundance of SMGs and shotguns, exploring the map in the hunt for better loot is quintessential during the early stages of a match when the safe zone is larger. Failing to acquire loot in the starting stages of a game will put the players at a severe disadvantage during the closing stages of a round.

Furthermore, it takes the Battle Royale up a notch as it forces players to survive with what they have got. Players who are unlucky to find good weapons and armour must drastically change their gameplay to survive longer in the game.

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