An update to reduce the fee is coming for PUBG to resolve its problems on Xbox One X

The owners of Xbox One X have already complained of having problems with tire speed and smooth graphics when playing PUBG on their device, and Bluehole promised them that it will solve these problems.
Today, the team unveiled its solution mechanism, saying it will update its Xbox X One game tomorrow, a downgrade update to make the game faster, more stable, and more stable.

This reduction will reduce the level of graphic settings for the shadows and reflections of the game, but it will not affect the resolution or the texture and details of the images. The settings that will be canceled are Motion Blur, Depth of Field and Lens Flare settings.

The fee reduction update is a temporary solution the developer has found to improve game performance on the Xbox Express to help those with tire problems. The developer apologized to the device owners who might be annoyed with the solution, saying he was offering two options for running the game on Xbox One X has the option of improving the speed of tires at the expense of graphics effects and vice versa for those who prefer to enjoy the quality of fees rather than the high speed of high tires.


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