How To Get The Best Out of AKM

The AKM is an assault rifle in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and is known for its extreme stopping power.

the weapon is ideal for close-quarter combat and medium-ranged gunfights, dealing 49 base damage . An AKM with a single shot mode is one’s best friend, and one should seldom use the automatic mode unless one encounters action at close distances.

Magazines – Extended QuickDraw Mag

Combining the best of two worlds, the Extended QuickDraw Mag is a must for any assault rifle in PUBG. This attachment not only increases the carrying capacity but also reduces the reload time, allowing the player to stay longer during gunfights across the map.

One could house 40-round magazines instead of the regular 30-round magazines with this attachment.

Muzzle – Compensator & Suppressor

The AKM is known for its intense recoil and players who love to spray bullets with the automatic mode should use nothing other than a compensator, which reduces recoil, providing the player with better stability during gunfights.

Players who use the single shot mode and prefer being a silent operator will find the suppressor better suited to their needs. However, during the closing stages of a Battle Royale round, it is advised to shift to a compensator as the safe zone covers a much smaller area.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One while the mobile version of the game is available for Android and iOS devices.

Sights – 3x Scope

The AKM assault rifle boasts good amounts of recoil and low initial bullet speed, making it unsuitable for long distance gunfights. The high recoil of the weapon virtually renders 4x and above scopes useless, and it is advised to equip the gun with a 3x scope. With high base damage, thanks to the 7.62mm ammo, the AKM is deadly at close and medium ranges even if the opponent is sporting an armour.

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