Duos and Squad modes are closed on PTS to avoid long matchmaking queues On PS4

The company behind the PUBG franchise, via Twitter, announced that the PlayStation 4 PTS servers would no longer feature Duos and Squad modes to avoid the long matchmaking queues.

The December 21 update introduced the highly-anticipated 6 km X 6 km PUBG map Vikendi on the PlayStation 4’s Test Servers. The new map features numerous changes along with the ability to track other players via their footprints or vehicle tracks.

Furthermore, this update brought in a new vehicle, new weapons and numerous bug fixes to the game.

The announcement on Twitter stated that the Duos and the Squad modes would be closed on the PlayStation 4 PTS effective immediately, which according to the company, should help reduce some of the long matchmaking queues that are affecting the players.

The Tweet also stated that currently, only the Solo TPP and the Solo FPP modes are available in the game on the Test Servers.

Lack of a huge player-base on the game’s PTS servers could be one of the driving factors for this decision by the company behind the game.

Also, PUBG receives a December 26 Hotfix Patch that fixes a slew of annoying bugs, and players will face no downtime during this update.

With these changes, one could expect good amounts of improvement to the matchmaking queues on the PTS server, allowing players to experience Vikendi snow map while also helping the company gather valuable data before the official release in January 2019.

Along with PlayStation 4, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available on PC and Xbox One while the mobile version of the game is available for Android and iOS devices.

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