the latest update Of PUBG :Parachute system received an overhaul

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ latest update introduced new parachuting mechanics along with the influx of the new snow map Vikendi.

PUBG Map Vikendi is a 6 km X 6 km snow-covered map, offering a much more tactical experience than the previously released Sanhok. Furthermore, the map introduced a new weapon, a new vehicle and numerous changes to the gameplay mechanics, including the ability to track players by the footprints and vehicle tracks.

With the changes to the parachuting system, one needs to rework their landing approach to reach their designated spots with increased precision.

The Update #24 introduced to PUBG earlier this month brought in the much-anticipated Vikendi snow map to the game along with the introduction of a slew of changes and all-important bug fixes.

Patch Notes:


  • Holding WALK [Default LCTRL] lets you glide, when you want to travel a longer distance.
  • Added new freefall animations and increased overall control and responsiveness.
  • Holding SPRINT [Default SHIFT] helps you drop faster and land quicker.
  • You can now cut the parachute while relatively close to the ground, while still moving through the air. This can be used to strategically to get to your drop point faster, but be careful, as you can take damage if you drop too far.


  • Turning speed is now much faster and has increased control, responsiveness, and precision.
  • Holding SPRINT [Default SHIFT] now puts you into a dive at full speed straight down towards the ground.

Added new landing animations

  • The parachute no longer disappears instantly after landing.
  • Colliding with buildings or objects while parachuting will now automatically cut your parachute. Be careful!
  • The speed in which you land matters, as landing too fast may force your character to roll, or roll for longer, before you can gain full control of your movement.

The addition of new landing animations now factors in the landing speed, as landing too fast now forces the characters to roll for longer durations in an uncontrolled manner.

Also, changes are made to freefalling and parachuting, allowing players to drop and turn faster.

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