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Top 5 Best Looting Spots in PUBG Map Vikendi (Snow Map) Revealed

For starters, let me say this, the map is huge and its one of the toughest map in the entire game. It is almost a combination of Erangel and Sanhok experience. So, in order to survive and win those fights, you need some better loot which is a problem in the new snow map Vikendi as there are many places with worthless loot. In order to help you all, I have prepared a list of top 5 locations where you can get better loot.

The PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile community has already dug into the map and have been spending hours to get to know the peek locations by studying the new PUBG map to get an advantage.


Though Villa is not that big a spot, it boasts of some good loot at short range(closer loots). Villa is good choice for someone who wants some kill and is good at parachuting, as at the Villa if you land first then you will have an upper hand at the location.


Volnova is yet another good spot with vibes similar to Pochinki, though I would suggest that you should better drop one or two times and explore all the buildings and locations as the sheer amount of high building and windows might be a problem if you are new to the location.


Cosmodrome is a hotspot location in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile snow map Vikendi. It has ample amount of loot and fight available for you all which makes it a good spot to drop.


Podvosto is also a good spot with a decent amount and quality of loot. Posdvosto is a drop location somewhat similar to Pochinki.


Goroka is a beautiful place to drop, good loot enough building for cover and a beautiful location with a frozen lake


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