Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Miramar guide

As the second officially released map in Plunkbat, the nuances that work wonders in the Erangel map are certainly flipped upside down in Miramar. It’s a lot more barren, though what it lacks in foliage it more than makes up for with hills.

As such, it’s a little tricky to know precisely where the best places to find equipment are. While the blue was a nuisance in Erangel, it’s a more menacing threat here. So in order to get you up to speed, this guide will show you the things you need to know before dropping in.

What you see here is going to go into more depth on the Miramar map specifically, but there’s plenty of other things to learn that are useful in the whole of PUBG.

The best places for loot in Miramar

No matter where you go in Miramar, chances are the places with the best loot are those named on the map. You can get some success by going off the beaten path, but in this map the military grade gear is regularly found in massive complexes. Just be sure to pick up a weapon and reload; other players will likely be trying to get the jump on you as you happily swipe everything in the vicinity. Here are some of the more popular locations for loot in Miramar:

Water Treatment Facility Inside the water containers is where the best stuff will be, but enemies do have the advantage of the higher ground.Pecado As soon as you touch down, your priority should be to be the first one into the boxing ring. Should you survive the inevitable firefight, the other good places in the local area are the casino and nearby apartments.Camp Militar – In the far north east, can be good for loot should the flight path be favourable, but expect heavy resistance.Los Leones A huge town full of hidden potential, and lots of hiding places for ambushes.Mining facility near Impala – Towards the south east of the map has good stuff, though trying to loot here in the late game is risky thanks to snipers.Driving vehicles in Miramar

Vehicles in Miramar are incredibly thirsty machines, though how the heat affects them is beyond me. First things first: If you plan on using any vehicle and see a gas canister, take it. They’re certainly heavy and take up a lot of space in your inventory, but running out of fuel is far worse. Here are the available vehicles in Miramar:

Van fits six people. Given the desert doesn’t provide much traction, this is definitely not for off-roading.Motorcycle fits two people. Fast, but barely any protection and can be hard to control.Motorcycle with sidecar fits three people. Just like the motorcycle, but even more unwieldy.Buggy fits two people. If you do decide to drive, try to prioritise the dune buggies. They’re a lot more suited to the terrain than a standard car and offer significantly more protection than any dirt bike could.Aquarail – fits two people on water. Not recommended as the only water in the map is the southern point. Offers no protection.Be aware of ambushes

Miramar’s defining feature is that it is incredibly hilly. This can be used to your advantage in certain circumstances, such as lurking nearby a recently dropped crate and waiting for an unsuspecting victim to make their appearance.

The hills have eyes

Perhaps more than any other map in PUBG at this time, Miramar is definitely catered for snipers and camping. While there’s no tents that you can pitch, hiding behind the aforementioned crags can mask your presence, especially when at the top of a rather large hill. You won’t see many people, but those you will see will likely not know you’re there.

Avoiding the blue zone

What was a mere nuisance in Erangel, the blue zone is a huge thing to consider in Miramar. Since the terrain is far hillier, this gives players far less time to loot and make a move to safety. Dropping into the edges of the map relies on finding a getaway vehicle to ensure safety, while a more central drop location gives you one less thing to worry about.

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