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How to get Pacifist title easily

PUBG Mobile has a lot of missions and achievements which can be earned by players in the game by doing the certain task within a given set of rules/restriction. Among many challenges in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground mobile, the top achievement titles like Sharpshooter, Weapon Master and Pacifist are quite famous.

We provide you a complete PUBG Guide on how to get the pacifist title easily. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you are good to go.

  • Make sure you are in platinum tier or above in solo and squad. You may think why squad ? as the pacifist title says that you have to win a game in solo(platinum tier or above) without killing a single player. Well, that’s not true the title can be achieved even in squads.
  • Select Squad mode and invite your friends, it would also be better if you tell them about your goal as it will make your task easier. (Make sure that you are platinum tier or above).
  • Choose Erangel map, gather smoke bombs and health packs as much as you can.
  • I would recommend not taking the risk. Simply camp and gather as much smoke you can gather.
  • You can keep a gun and even kill enemies to help out your friends if they are in a pinch, but you have to make sure that you don’t knock out any enemy or it will count as a kill.
  • You can kill enemies knocked out by your friends.
  • In the first few circles, surviving would be easy, but in the last circle, you will need those smoke grenade to hide or to provide cover.
  • Make sure you take some good players in your team who can manage a lack of player in the last circle.
  • You can use formations while moving in open areas to avoid getting killed. Stay in the middle, always keep smoke grenades in your hand to deploy them as soon as you need.

Follow  this basic rules and you will get the title easily, there are many players who don’t even try to achieve this title but they get it either by luck or because they are just noobs who were not able to kill anyone.

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