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PUBG Event Pass Guide – Price, Daily Missions and Rewards

Sanhok Event Pass guide, we’ll be detailing all you need to know about the new event pass, including the PUBG Sanhok Event Pass price, aside from the brand new PUBG Sanhok Event Pass Missions that you can take on right now.

PUBG Event Pass Guide

This new Sanhok Event Pass for the former game is awfully like the Battle Pass for the latter game. With the PUBG Event Pass, you’ll gain access to new items and missions to undertake immediately, which we’ll be outlining for you just below.

PUBG Event Pass Price

You’ll want to know how much cash you have to front for the new PUBG Event Pass. If you’re playing in North America, the PUBG Sanhok Event Pass is going to set you back $10.

PUBG Event Pass Daily Missions

As for what the PUBG Sanhok Event Pass actually offers you, you’ll be given access to three brand new Daily Missions every 24 hours. We’ll be continually updating the list below every 24 hours, to bring you the latest slate of challenges for the week.

But there are three other types of missions in the PUBG Sanhok Event Pass, which include Normal, Sanhok, and Weekly Challenges. For a complete walkthrough of all the current Missions you can complete outside of the Daily three.

PUBG Event Pass Rewards

So what are some of the items that the PUBG Event Pass is offering as rewards? Tab over to the Sanhok Premium Rewards page on the main PUBG home page, and you can see that there are 30 levels in total with the Event Pass, each of which will reward you with a brand new bonus, weapon, or customization item, once you’ve unlocked the tier. 

Just below, you can see all the current items that are offered as rewards through the PUBG Event Pass. Note that some items on the bottom row of each page have timers, but these aren’t timers for how long you’ve got to earn the item. Instead, these are items for how long you can keep hold of an item after you’ve acquired it, so you’ll want to take full advantage of an elite item as soon as you’ve earned it.

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