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Best bolt action sniper rifles and their features

PUBG Mobile is getting huge success in the mobile gaming industry as the game has crossed 100 million downloads in a span of just four months. The company is now coming up with another version of the game which will be called PUBG Lite which will target budget phones.

The game has only been released in Philipines as of now but is expected to hit the global market after some testing.

Today we look at a very prominent gun class in the game Sniper Rifles.

For now, we will only talk about bolt action sniper rifles and will give separate attention to designated marksman rifles.

Bolt action sniper rifles are the most damaging guns in the game. These guns are very effective over a long range and are used to snipe targets far away. They are called bolt action since they take a major recoil after each bullet is fired and can’t be used in burst mode or automatic mode.

They cause a high damage with each bullet but it is sacrificed for its almost zero fire rate. They are effective if the target is still, but can be very hard to hit if the target is moving. These guns have a low mag size and a very high reload time. As of now, only three bolt-action sniper rifles are there in-game out of which two are crate exclusive:

#1 AWM

Arctic Warfare Magnum is the most powerful gun in the game. This gun is crate exclusive and for all the right reasons. The gun has the potential to one shot anyone in the game if used efficiently.

It uses its custom chambered magnum bullets which come along with the gun exclusive to crates. The gun has a base damage of 120 which is most by any gun in the game and it also has the potential to knock out anyone even if the person is wearing a level 3 helmet.

It can take the following attachments:

Muzzle – Flash Hider, Suppressor, and compensator

Magazines – Quickdraw Mag, Extended Mag, and Extended Quickdraw Mag

Stock – Cheek Pads

Scopes – Every scope

The gun has a mag size of 5 which can be extended to 7 with the help Extended Mag or Extended Quickdraw Mag. The gun deals maximum damage up to the range of 150m after which its damage starts to fall till the range of 679 meters.

#2 M24

M24 is a bolt-action sniper rifle exclusive to loot. The gun is a total beast in the right hands and can cause complete havoc. The gun uses the same bullet as KAR98 which is the standard 7.62 mm bullets.

This gun deals 79 damage with each bullet which is enough to kill an enemy with a headshot who is wearing a level 2 helmet or below. It is quite similar to Kar98 but has a higher muzzle velocity and base damage.

It can take the following attachments:

Muzzle – Flash hider, Compensator, and Suppressor.

Magazines – Extended Mag, Quickdraw Mag, and Extended Quickdraw Mag

Stock – Cheekpad

Scope – Every scope

The gun has a mag size of 5 which can be upgraded to 7 with the help of extended mag or extended quick mag. The gun deals maximum damage in the rage of 120m after which it decreases to 580 meters.

#3 KAR98

The Karabiner 98 Kurz is a powerful bolt-action sniper rifle that can be found across the map. It is an uncommon weapon and the only bolt action sniper rifle which is not loot exclusive.

The guns use 7.62 mm calibre bullet and have a mag size of 5 which cannot be upgraded. This gun deals 75 damage with each shot and is enough to knock out an enemy with a level 2 helmet. Only level 3 helmet cannot be blown off with a headshot from Kar98 given if the player is above 85% health. This weapon is a great asset for long range fights since you can dish out more damage.

The gun can take the following attachments:

Muzzle – Suppressor, Compensator and Flash Hider

Stocks – Cheek Pad, Bullet loops

Scope – Every scope

The gun deals maximum damage to the range of 100 meters after which its damage falls going minimum at the range of 485m after which it becomes constant.

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