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Which Gun is The Best Weapon & Why?

Which gun is best in PUBG mobile?  

One cannot zero-in on a single gun as the best weapon in the game as every class of weapons has its own set of advantages.

At close range, shotguns are the best weapons that one could use as the eliminations with these weapons are instantaneous. Likewise, for longer gun-battles, having a sniper rifle or a DMR is a better option.

During the closing stages of a round, people could use an SMG such as Vector, for these guns feature a rapid rate of fire and cause decent amounts of damage, making them ideal for close-quarter combat situations.

Beginners should stick to assault rifles as these offer a good mix of range, accuracy and base damage.

Which is the best assault rifle in PUBG?

The M416 triumphs over other assault rifles due to its enhanced customisation options, allowing the players to craft the weapon to their liking.

The gun chambers 5.56mm ammo in 30-round clips, dealing 43 base damage with an initial bullet velocity of 880 m/s. A fully modified M416 is a wonderful weapon as it boasts lethal firepower along with low recoil even during fully automatic bursts.

Which sniper is best in PUBG? 

AWM could be viewed as the best sniper rifle in the game due to its immense stopping power. Furthermore, it is the most powerful gun in PUBG.

This weapon chambers 0.300 ammo and deals 120 base damage along with astronomical headshot damage, making it one of the few weapons that can perform one-shot-one-kill even at large distances. The gun is limited by its slow reload time, and it is ideal to use this gun mid-game before the circle closes in on a smaller area.

However, one should note that the AWM sniper rifle is only available via care packages.

Is DMR a sniper rifle? 

Simply put, a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) is not a sniper rifle.

One could see this weapon as a bridge between the assault rifle and the sniper rifle. Their rate of fire is larger than snipers but is considerably smaller than an AR, making it ideal for medium-ranged battles.

PUBG is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One while PUBG Mobile is available for iOS and Android devices.

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