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New M762 assault rifle

Today we will learn about the new assault rifle that was added with the beginning of the fourth season of the game Bob J Mobile and the assault rifle is located in the three maps, the weapons of the type of assault rifles and rapid example AKM and M416, which has the ability to individual and triangular and automatic correction, the new weapon results very strong The effect on the body during the correction, as well as it supports most of the additions of lenses, muffler, laser correction and more Today we will learn about one of the heavy and distinctive weapons in the game, and their results are very good in fighting the M762 rifle.

Name of the weapon:

The digital name: M762

Common Mice: Beryl M762

Weapon Features:

Type: assault rifle

Feed: 7.62 mm, 30 bullets in one safe or 40 bullets after adding the extra safe Maximum capacity: 500 bullets Strength: Average Beam adjustment: Low Stability: Low Launch rate: average


pubg 4x ACOG Scope


pubg 2x Aimpoint  scope

Red Dot Sight

Holographic Sight



7.26 mm ammo

basic information :-

Bound damage: 47

The speed of the first shot: 715

Effect of force on the body: 10.000 Storage capacity per feed: 30 bullets Time between each shot: 0.086 w

Type of correction: Single, Triple, Automatic Storage type: safe Feeding time: 2.900 w

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