Play & Win With AWM To Get Classy PUBG Mobile Merchandise

PUBG Mobile has come up with an exciting challenge for its players with the winners’ bagging classy PUBG merchandise. It is the AWM challenge where you need to win a Classic match by using AWM Sniper until the end.

This PUBG Mobile Challenge is only applicable when you play a Classic or a Normal match. Achieving the feat on Arcade mode won’t be counted.

To win these dog tags with PUBG Helmet and AWM imprints, here are some basic PUBG tips and tricks:

– Enter a Classic Match in either Erangel, Miramar or Sanhok

– Loot from the drop box until you get an AWM

– Try and be among the last two surviving players in either solo/duo/squad

– Keep your AWM in hand and once you or your mates shoot the last man for “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” take a screenshot and tweet the same with the #pubgmobileawm and #pubgmobilechallenge.

Talking about AWM, it is the best Sniper Rifle in PUBG Mobile and is an air-drop exclusive in all maps. Chambered with .300 Winchester Magnum or .338 Lapua Magnum, AWM has the highest base damage among all the Sniper Rifles which stands at 120. Two shots on the chest or one on the head are enough to knock out your enemy.

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