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Top PUBG Mobile Combat Tips

This tip isn’t as important on PUBG Mobile as it is on the PC or Xbox One version of PUBG, but it still matters. You always want to have the right gun equipped for the situation you’re in.

If, for example, you’re running across a large field, you should have a weapon that can be accurate at long distances. If you plan to enter a building, you should have a weapon that has a fast enough fire rate to take down enemies quickly.

In PUBG Mobile, it’s far easier to pick up a decent assault rifle and stick with that than trying to use a combination of long ranged weapons and short ranged weapons. All you need to do is find an AR that has full auto and semi auto and switch between fire modes depending on your distance.

We’d advise you not to use shotguns because of their low fire rate – SMGs can be good, but only up to a certain distance. Weapons like the M416, the AKM and the Scar are the best due to their incredible potential at short range and long range.

Airdrop weapons like the AWM or the M24 can be good, but remember that these are slow firing weapons. If you plan to use a sniper, never have it equipped – always have your assault rifle in your hands – this way you’ll find it easier to react to any players that may shoot you when you’re not expecting it.

If things are turned around and you spot an enemy first, you can then switch to your sniper and take the shot.

Think About Your Inventory

Winning fights is one thing, but trying to win fights when you’re low on health or have no armor is much harder.

You always need to keep an eye on your inventory. If you’re starting to run low on meds or ammo, go and loot more. If your armor has broken, go find more.

As soon as you’re out of meds, ammo, or armor, you’re immediately putting yourself at a disadvantage to the players that do have meds, ammo, and armor.

Aim For The Head

Shooting players in the head will deal far more damage than dealing body shots. You should always try to aim for the head when fighting other players in PUBG Mobile.

Remember that most of the other players are going to be using touch screen devices, so even if you have to spend a little longer to line up your aim, you are still going to be able to aim at somebody’s head far quicker than a person that’s using a touch screen.

Keep Moving

When you’re in a fight for too long, you open yourself up to all sorts of problems.

Firstly, if you keep shooting from the same location, you’ll alert other players in the area. If you stay still and keep firing, those players will eventually find you.

Secondly, if you stay still for too long during a fight, the players you’re fighting against may try to flank you or outmaneuver you. This is a much larger issue in squad games because there are more enemies players that can go unaccounted for whilst you’re caught up in fights.

Try to mix things up by always moving from cover to cover. Another great thing to do is to change the positions you peek from.

If you’re behind a tree, for example, try alternating between peeking the right side and left side of the tree. If you keep peeking from the same place, the enemy you’re shooting at will start to predict your movement.

Sometimes, you can just leave an engagement entirely. If you and another player are stuck in a stalemate and both of you have been exchanging shots for too long, you can always back out and leave the area.

If you stay in these kinds of stalemate fights too often, you’ll find that other players will always be there to clean things up – players will always move towards the sounds of gun shots, so shoot quickly, and shoot to kill.


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