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Avoid landing on the tower at the Cosmodrome as it does not have any loot


Vikendi is a brand-new 6 km X 6 km map that is larger than Sanhok but offers faster-paced battles when compared to Erangel and Miramar. The snow-covered map introduced numerous changes to the game, including the ability to track other players via their vehicle tracks and footprints.

Additionally, the map features a new gun, new vehicle and altered vehicle dynamics on the snow and ice for increased realism.

PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC currently feature the Vikendi, and by the end of January 2019, this snow map would make its way to consoles as well.

The tall tower at the Cosmodrome offers no loot. Furthermore, to make matters worse, a wrong descent strategy from the top of the tower could eliminate the players instantly, making it a very unviable place to drop. Players lose 25% of their health on each level if they do not plan the descent properly.

Many comments in the Reddit thread point out that the lack of loot is due to the fact the reaching the upper levels of the cosmodrome from the outside is impossible. Few comments even urged players to scout the place in the prior match before landing there.

What’s next?

Now, with more and more people learning the hard truth about the magnificent structure, players would less likely parachute themselves on the tower in Cosmodrome. Only time will tell about other unworkable landing zones in the new map Vikendi.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One while the mobile version of the game is available for iOS and Android devices.

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