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PUBG Light machine guns & DMRs

Light machine guns


  • Ammo Type: 7.62
  • Magazine Size: 47
  • Body Shot Damage: 51/35.7/30.6/23/31
  • Headshot Damage: 117.3/82.11/70.38/52.8
  • Fire Rate/Reload Time: 0.109s/5.5s

If the AKM were an LMG, it would be the DP-28 (aren’t abbreviations the best?). Slow to fire, but hits like a truck. Hard to control, but takes forever to reload. Oh wait, those were two negatives. Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the DP-28. But you can certainly still shred with it at mid- to close-range. Bear in mind, however, that the DP-28 takes no attachments except a select few scopes. So what you see is what you get with the pizza-gun.


  • Ammo Type: 5.56
  • Magazine Size: 100
  • Body Shot Damage: 45/31.5/27/20.3/20
  • Headshot Damage: 103.5/72.45/62.1/46.6
  • Fire Rate/Reload Time: 0.075s/8.2s

Joining the Groza in the ranks of air drop-only shredders, the M249 earns its reputation in two ways: an insane rate of fire, and a bonkers clip size. Nobody’s going to dare get into a DPS fight with you when you’re holding the M249. However, if you click reload before you truly wanted to, you’re dead, thanks to the gun’s downright diabolical eight-second reload time. But with 100 shots, who needs reloads? Just make sure you have a good backup weapon to compliment the M249, and you’re good to go.


VSS Vintorez

  • Ammo Type: 9mm
  • Magazine Size: 10 (20 with Extended Mag)
  • Body Shot Damage: 43/30.1/25.8/19.4/19
  • Headshot Damage: 96.35/67.45/57.81/43.36
  • Fire Rate/Reload Time: 0.086s/2.9s

My friends and I used to call the VSS the “paintball gun” due to its dismayingly low damage stats for a DMR, and its very low bullet speed (exactly a third of the Mini-14’s bullet speed). Its plus sides include a built-in suppressor and scope, which you can use to take shots at a longer range once you’ve learnt how. But you should abandon the VSS the moment you find pretty much any other DMR or sniper rifle.


  • Ammo Type: 5.56
  • Magazine Size: 20 (30 with Extended Mag)
  • Body Shot Damage: 48/33.8/29/21.7/22
  • Headshot Damage: 108.1/75.67/64.86/48.65
  • Fire Rate/Reload Time: 0.1s/3.6s

Minimal bullet drop, a good clip size, and fairly simple to master. The Mini-14’s low damage (hovering between the VSS and the SKS) means people generally prefer to use other DMRs given the choice, but it’s still a solid, reliable choice at any stage of a match.


  • Ammo Type: 7.62
  • Magazine Size: 10 (20 with Extended Mag)
  • Body Shot Damage: 56/39/33.4/25/25
  • Headshot Damage: 124.55/87.185/74.73/56.05
  • Fire Rate/Reload Time: 0.1s/2.9s

The SKS is the Mini-14’s brusque, no-nonsense older sibling. Lower clip size and higher recoil, but a significant step up in damage and a lower reload time. The SKS used to be my go-to DMR, until they came out with…


  • Ammo Type: 7.62
  • Magazine Size: 10 (20 with Extended Mag)
  • Body Shot Damage: 61/42.6/36.5/27.4/28
  • Headshot Damage: 136.3/95.41/81.78/61.34
  • Fire Rate/Reload Time: 0.1s/3.68s

The SLR is the SKS’s belligerent uncle. Higher recoil and a longer reload time again, but the highest damage of any non-air drop DMR. If you can control it and use it well under pressure, the DLR can end a lot of fights before they begin.


  • Ammo Type: 7.62
  • Magazine Size: 10 (20 with Extended Mag)
  • Body Shot Damage: 64/44.8/38.4/28.8/29
  • Headshot Damage: 143.35/100.35/86/64.51
  • Fire Rate/Reload Time: 0.09s/3.68s

This air drop-only DMR is actually very similar to the SLR – so much so, in fact, that I do sometimes wonder why one is confined to airdrops and the other is not. I guess you could say the MK14 is the SKS’s equally belligerent aunt. Massive damage for a DMR, high recoil, high reload time, and the unique ability to go full-auto when needed and deliver a cluster-truck of damage at close-range with all the eloquence of a rhinoceros on stilts.


  • Ammo Type: 5.56
  • Magazine Size: 10 (20 with Extended Mag)
  • Body Shot Damage: 50/35.3/30.2/22.7/23
  • Headshot Damage: 112.8/78.96/67.68/50.76
  • Fire Rate/Reload Time: 0.1s/3s

The QBU replaces the Mini-14 on Sanhok, and can’t be found on any other map. A lower clip size than the Mini-14, but a smidge more damage and a slightly lower reload time. The main benefit of the QBU, however, is its bipod mode, which all but eliminates recoil while you’re prone.


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