PUBG Mobile wants you to ignore your friends to win

the PUBG Mobile team shows the many ways you can get yourself some piping hot chicken dinners. The most effective way by far is to disable your notifications, more specifically by turning Do Not Disturb mode on. If you still find yourself still struggling to win then try a few of our tips to help maximize your mobile battle royale performance.


To assist with real-world disturbances such as interruptions by real-world friends, family, and coworkers, PUBG Mobile creators want you to use these printable door-hangs and signs, perfect for letting your loved ones know that you are not to be disturbed while trying to win a chicken dinner, even if there’s an actual chicken dinner is in the oven. We like the Hours of Operation sign the most, as it gives your friends a precise schedule for when not to talk to you, though that could eventually become permanent if you don’t take a moment to greet them every once in a while.

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