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PUBG Submachine guns

Submachine guns


  • Ammo Type: 0.45
  • Magazine Size: 13 (25 with Extended Mag)
  • Body Shot Damage: 34/23.8/20.4/15.3/20
  • Headshot Damage: 61.2/42.8/36.7/27.5
  • Fire Rate/Reload Time: 0.055s/2.2s

The Vector is a tough SMG to like, mainly due to its awful magazine size without an extended magazine attachment. It has its merits, namely a low recoil and high rate of fire, which allows you to do some pretty decent damage at short to mid-range. But make sure you’re not caught off-guard when your magazine runs out less than a second after you start firing.

Micro Uzi

  • Ammo Type: 9mm
  • Magazine Size: 25 (35 with Extended Mag)
  • Body Shot Damage: 26/18.2/15.6/11.7/16
  • Headshot Damage: 46.8/32.8/28.1/21.1
  • Fire Rate/Reload Time: 0.048s/3.1s

The Uzi boasts the highest rate of fire of any weapon in PUBG, but due to its poor damage this isn’t quite as exciting as it sounds. Regardless, the Uzi is a decent option in the early- and mid-game, particularly – well, exclusively – in close-quarters combat. Plus, you know, it actually holds enough ammo to kill someone with.


  • Ammo Type: 9mm
  • Magazine Size: 30 (40 with Extended Mag)
  • Body Shot Damage: 39/27.3/23.4/17.6/23
  • Headshot Damage: 70.2/49.1/42.1/31.6
  • Fire Rate/Reload Time: 0.092s/3.1s

Don’t be seduced by the firepower of the others; when it comes to SMGs, the majority will agree that the UMP reigns supreme. A slower, calmer, and more measured approach than the others, the UMP has a good clip size and a relatively gentle recoil, particularly when decked out with attachments. The ability to switch between single-shot, burst, and full-auto only adds to its versatility. But what really sets the UMP apart is that it’s a surprisingly accurate gun, even at longer ranges. Any other SMG I’d feel a little conflicted about taking into the final circle, but with the UMP, I feel secure.

Tommy Gun

  • Ammo Type: 0.45
  • Magazine Size: 30 (50 with Extended Mag)
  • Body Shot Damage: 40/28/24/18/24
  • Headshot Damage: 72/50.4/43.2/32.4
  • Fire Rate/Reload Time: 0.086s/3.45s

Damage is the claim to fame of the Tommy Gun, with surprisingly good flat damage stats and a decent clip size that can be extended beyond any other SMG. However, the lack of a sight attachment severely limits its effective range, and its recoil is a bucking bronco compared to the UMP, preventing the Tommy Gun from being an ideal choice heading into the mid- and late-game.


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