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The noobs’ guide to PUBG

For cowardly incompetents such as myself, this has provided some much-needed easy target practice – thanks, guys. However, while online games such as PUBG can be soul-destroyingly hard for new players, there are some tactics and strategies that can radically enhance survival rates and, hence, chances of winning getting regular top-10 finishes.

If you want to beat people who are, frankly, more competent than you, then you’ll have to play smarter and spend a lot of time hiding in toilets

This is by no means intended to be an infallible how-to guide – only you can learn how to shoot a bit straighter, rather than running round in circles discharging your clip into the ceiling – but, in time, it ought to increase your chances of getting a win if, like me, you’re just not very good.

  • If you thought you heard the footsteps of another player, then you probably did!

This is the absolute number one rule and it’s normally your belated cue to make less noise yourself by crouching or pressing ctrl (or whatever’s the Playstation/Xbox controller equivalent) to tippy-toe round – the slower you move, the less noise you make and the harder it is for other players to work out your location.

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