PUBG Mobile Season 5 Details Leaked

Season 5 is just around the corner and should bring a fresh wave of content including new outfits, weapons, skins, and the much awaited Zombie mode. Game developer Tencent hasn’t revealed any information or patch notes, but thanks to some leaks on Twitter and Reddit, we have a quick preview of what you can expect once the new season begins.

Here is everything that we could source from the internet around the upcoming season.

New Fire/Apocalypse Theme

Season 4 included a winter theme to complement the new Vikendi snow map. The coming season is expected to have a new theme once again. Leaked images suggest that we could see a fire theme which almost looks something out of an apocalypse movie. This will probably go well with the whole zombie mode that is expected to arrive in the coming season. In fact there are also a bunch of costumes and accessories with a fire pattern, confirming that the theme for this season will revolve around fire.

New Skins

Another update that we are expecting is the addition of new skins for weapons. Some of them include gold skins for the AKM and UMP, black and white dragon skin for the Kar98k, and more. New vehicle skins have also leaked which include an ice cream truck skin for the Volkswagen van (probably to complement the cake outfit), as well as a Mad-Max inspired skin for the Dacia.

New Outfits

As with every season, we can expect some new outfits with Season 5. The most noteworthy include some new clothing that seems to be inspired by Assassin’s Creed and ancient Japanese warriors, a birthday cake suit, a full-gold body suit and a mix of others for both male and female characters.

Other Additions

Expect a lot more in the upcoming season of PUBG Mobile including a new weapon called the MK47 Mutant. The weapon has been available in PUBG for PC since September and it will finally make its debut in PUBG Mobile when the next season begins. Also expect new Royal Pass rewards, and probably one of the most exciting rumour is that you might finally be able to convert BP currency to UC.

Of course, the biggest addition will the be the zombie mode in which players will have to survive against huge hoards of blood-thirsty zombies. It is being rumoured that there will be a custom map based on Erangel for this mode. We might also the option of bringing the old voice in the voice chat quick messages, a laser sight attachment, and custom room option for Vikendi map.

Expect the new season of PUBG Mobile to roll out a couple of days after season 4 ends.


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