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SKS is the common auto sniper rifle that use 7.62mm ammo type. This auto sniper has a capability of single fire in medium range and long range combat. SKS need lots of attachments to make the gun more stable and reduce the recoil and weapon sway while scoping.

SKS Attachments Guide:

For Medium Range:

With these attachments SKS will become more accurate while firing and more stability while scoping in rifle. SKS can use a rapid fire if you have all the attachments.

The SKS can be considered a cross between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle, having nearly the effective range of the latter and more damage than the former. It is very effective for mid- to close-range combat, but loses accuracy as the target moves to a considerable distance away from you. It works very well as a main weapon, though you’ll need to be mindful of your remaining rounds per magazine since it can only hold 10. The fact that is also uses 7.62mm rounds is also a drawback, as it is less common than the 5.56mm found throughout the map.

The stability on the SKS is also quite desirable, in addition to having fairly controllable recoil. To mitigate its small ammo capacity, you can equip it with a large capacity quickdraw magazine. Its damage per shot is respectable, being more powerful than even the AKM assault rifle but just above the VSS sniper rifle. A suppressor can also be equipped to reduce its firing noise.

Despite having good effective range, the SKS is incapable of performing instant kills even through headshots if the target is wearing a helmet and is at considerable range. As such, it is most commonly treated as an assault rifle with good range, rather than a sniper rifle with a high fire rate.

It is currently not known how the SKS fares with the Mk14 EBR, a new DMR set to come out very soon in upcoming updates.

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