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How to Get More Kills in a PUBG Mobile Game

PUBG Players can often be found killing time shooting in Erangel or enjoying the new snow map, Vikendi. The early phase of PUBG Mobile is pretty easy, thanks to the lack of tough competition, and getting a chicken dinner is not a Herculean task at first.

However, as soon your level increases, the toughness of the game goes up along with the tier. The probability of getting a chicken dinner goes down and scoring one requires good skills, knowledge, and quick reflexes.

Many PUBG Mobile players ask “How to get more kills and chicken dinner?” Well, there is no rocket science involved to get those kills and dinners. The answer is pretty simple – practice.

It has also been observed that some players don’t get more kills despite the fact that they are in the ‘Ace’ tier. There are many who have reached above level 50, but, still, have KD less than five.

Practice War Mode

If you are one who believes in shortcuts, let’s get one thing clear — the road to more kills will be extremely tough for you. PUBG Mobile requires practice; hardcore practice. To get a hold of more chicken dinners and to strengthen your skills in increasing your number of kills, you have to practice War Mode regularly.

Remember, the more time you spend on the War Mode, the higher your chances to get more kills in PUBG Mobile.

Land at More Intense Places

When you land at a place where there is a high probability of a huge number of players, then half of your job will be done. Many players come to places like Military Base, Georgopol, Novo, Hacienda del Patron, Pecado, Bootcamp, and other highly intense places to get more loot and kills. Later, these areas become war zones where players fight to survive and loot.

Here are some places in Miramar to get the most loot and fight an intense battle:

  1. Hacienda del Patron 
  2. Pecado
  3. Prison
  4. Campo Militar
  5. Minas Generales

In case you are planning to kill more players in Erangel, here are the best places to land at:

  1. Military Base
  2. Prison
  3. Georgopol
  4. Mylta Power
  5. Pochinki
  6. School

Healing like a pro

Whenever you are in an intense battle, there are chances you may die due to deteriorating health. One’s chances of killing more enemies increase when we take care of our ourselves. So, you can use this handy tip and heal like a pro.

Say you’re running out of time and need to immediately recover your health. Start your healing process, and then move when there are 0.5 seconds left on the heal meter. This way, not only do you save 0.5 seconds, but also ensure that the healing process isn’t canceled out. This is probably the best way to easily get a headstart.

The healing process is incomplete without energy boosters like the energy drink and painkillersThese boosters not only help you to regain energy but also fill up the health to 100%. Keeping a Med Kit handy isn’t feasible for everyone, especially when you’re carrying the most commonly found level 2 backpack. Therefore, having boosters during the game is always beneficial.

Sniper: your best partner

Unless and until you are a god-level pro player, you need to try your best to get your hands on a sniper in every game. The sniper increases your chances of killing enemies, especially when you’re playing on an open, barren map like Miramar, where it’s quite easy to spot opponents. The sniper allows you to sit back in one place and shoot the enemies, and you can even finish a whole squad if you know how to use a sniper correctly.

To get the best out of your sniper, you need to have a couple of additions like a cheek bad and a suppressor. Not to mention good reflexes to shoot faster. It’s nearly impossible to predict how quickly your opponent can move at any given time, so you need to be quick on your feet and take a shot.

Aim Assist/ Peek and Fire

If you’re playing on a touchscreen phone, aiming becomes quite a headache. Therefore, enabling Aim Assist can help you target the body of the enemies. It is also a helpful trick for sniping. In the early stages of playing PUBG Mobile, enabling Aim Assist will only work in the favor of the player.

Peek and Fire is also a very helpful tool when playing against a squad. This option helps you to prevent exposing your full body while shooting, probably allowing you to reduce the damage you take to the body, while managing to scope opponents out.

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