PUBG Mobile Season 5 Update: New Theme, Loading Screens, Items, Outfits, Skins and other Details Leaked

New Season is right on the doors. There are a lot of new items, features, skins, outfits and other things which will be added in this upcoming update which will mark the start of a new season, “PUBG Season 5” for the game.

We have got an ample amount of new cool clothing. Although we don’t have the official name of each and every clothing leaked. The Black and Blue assassin costume is sick, especially the female costumes like the white yukata like costume is great. This also leaks also shows that this new update will include a lot of items which are somehow related to Resident Evil 2 Remake as the crossover release date and the new update 0.10.5 for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile may coincide.

SLR and UMP9 will get new skins in this new season 5 update. The above tweet shows a glimpse of the new royale pass look along with two clothing which may be the highlight of the upcoming update. Seriously just look at them they are somehow similar to Batman and Green Arrow’s costume. We will also get a new car skin, a golden UMP9 and AKM skin.

Though there are tons of skins coming out in the upcoming PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile Season 5. I was mesmerized by the Dragon Skin for Kar98k. For a good look at the skins and items do check the respective tweets.

The new loading screens are based on the upcoming crossover of PUBG with Resident Evil 2 Remake.

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