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PUBG Weather Conditions

One of the implemented Mechanics in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the Dynamic Weather Conditions. By having a dynamic system, it alters the way players behave in the battle area. A mechanic that does not remain constant throughout the battle, it will have an impact on the Player’s strategy, forcing them to tread out in the open during sunset, or force them back indoors when it shifts to Clear Skies. In this way, it gives a refreshing feel to the battle area, enabling players to employ different strategies while making the environment “alive” so to speak.

As of the current patch note, the weather only affects the currently available map – Erangel.

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The abandoned Russian map of Erangel is the first playable map that the weather currently affects. These are the following conditions for the first playable map.

Weather Patch Note Effect
Cloudy Default.
Rain Implements a drizzle which introduces sound coming
from the raindrops.
Sunset Month 3 When activated, it lowers the visibility of players on the
battle area.
Clear Skies Month 3 When activated, it raises the visibility of players on the
battle area.
Fog When activated, it affects the effectiveness of Ranged
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