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How not to get killed in the Open Field

One of the most common deaths I’ve experienced is trying to run across a field and getting killed by someone waiting for me on the other side. Because of the game’s playable area system,you have no other choice than to keep on moving.  I’m pretty sure you’ve had the same problems, too, if you’re a beginner. So here’s a few tips so that we could all eat that chicken dinner in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. 

Wear something!

Running out into the open means that you’ll be easy pickings for snipers. This means that the first thing you should plan to do is to get some armor. Preferably, you should try getting at least a level 2 military helmet, or a level 3 spetsnaz helmet.These will protect you from incoming fire from afar. However, only the spetsnaz helmet will protect your face from bullets to that region.

Make sure to obtain a vestas well. The level of the vest determines how much shots it can take before it’s rendered useless.

Move from Cover to Cover

The pure open isn’t always fully naked. All around the field, you’ll see a bunch of trees, boulders, hillocks, and bushes. Make sure to use these to your advantage.

Note that cover won’t always block every weapon, but it will make it harder for the enemy to shoot you dead.

And finally, rule of thumb: BUSHES. ARE. OP. 

Prepare your weapons

Most likely you’ll be looting a house and leaving the immediate vicinity. Remember to reload your guns and change your fire rate to the choice you desire. I had a very bad experience where I got killed by other players because I did not reload my weapon when I first picked it up. This meant that in the field, I was too busy reloading to kill the person. The seconds needed for reloading out in the field are so crucial for other things. For example… 

Hear a gunshot? Run for cover!

If you run through an open field with barely any cover, it would be a mercy that you’ll only hear the bang and the bullet whizzing by. Sometimes, bullets hit their mark, and you’ll have to suffer the consequences. This is why it’s so important for you to immediately run for cover. Listen to the direction of the gunfire, and quickly leap into a patch of trees or a boulder.

Once you run for cover, though…

Look around

In cover and while moving, you’ll need to be aware of your surroundings. Listen to footsteps beside yours. Never assume that there isn’t somebody lurking behind you.

When you’re in cover, use and to peek around boulders and trees. However, it’s best to use Third personand use the farther camera take a look at your opponents.

Find another route

Maybe you’ve found a vehicle. Maybe you saw another town or house nearby. Whatever the case, never head through an open field unless it’s the only way. It’s better to invest your time in looking for a vehicle and driving off towards your destination, or camping altogether.

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