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PUBG Crossbow List And guide

This page contains a list of all obtainable Crossbow weapons in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) for PC, PS4, and Xbox ONE which includes s, stats, and usage.

Power” describes the damage applied when hitting a body within the effective range.
“Rating” comprehensively evaluates the number of circumstances that can be active and the priority of possession based on actual use.
“Obtain” represents ease of finding it. If “-” is written, it can only be obtained from air drops.

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Magazine Power Effective Range
1 105 F
Stability Obtainability Rating
Ammunition Used: Crossbow BoltThis weapon boasts a very high single-shot power just after AWM.

If you decide to go for the headshot, your foe will die even when you wear a level 3 helmet.

Furthermore, the crossbow barely makes a sound, and is difficult to hear unless you listen very closely.

Although it seems like a formidable weapon, it has one drawback: the crossbow has low accuracy and is difficult to use. Its range is short as well, and does not give extra damage in short range. If the other party is moving, it will be harder to hit the enemy.

Furthermore, although it will be used at a close range, you will only have one shot, and a very long reload time (about 5 seconds). You’ll definitely need a great amount of skill to surely strike your opponent in the head.

For short range weapons, the shotgun and the SMG are far easier to use, so this crossbow is a weapon for enthusiasts rather than for advanced users.

If the other party is not wearing a vest, even if you hit one part of the body, the bolt nearly always insta-kills. With proper handling, luck, and skill, it will be a viable weapon for even the early stages.

However, even with a built-in scope, it’s very unreliable. You should change the scope as soon as possible.

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