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PUBG M24 Sniper Rifle Guide

Here is a quick guide for the M24 Sniper rifle in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) for PC, PS4, and Xbox ONE which includes s, stats, and usage.

M24 Sniper Rifle Guide

Magazine Power Effective Range
 5 84 S
Stability Obtainability Rating
Ammunition Used: 7.62mm


This is a limited weapon given by air drops. 

This weapon isn’t as powerful as AWM. Even if your enemy is wearing a level 3 helmet, they won’t die from the headshot. Nevertheless, it has high performance compared to other normal sniper rifles.

Compared to AWM, the biggest advantage to using this weapon is the ammunition.Since you can find bullets for this gun all over the world, it can be used with less caution.

The power is inferior to AWM, but can score headshot kills at level 2. The rifle also enjoys a quick reloading speed and high reliability. You’ll be lucky to get it.

Make sure that you don’t stay in one placewhen you have the M24, because more experienced players knowhow it sounds, and will want to get it from you one way or the other.

You’ll find this weapon possibly in the Military Baseor Georgopol. However, it’s much easier to find one on Air drops. 

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