PUBG New Update 0.10.5

Two days ago, we announced the intention of Tescent, a game maker, to offer new updates within days. Tencent today released the first update of the game for version 0.10.5 Users can download the update from within the game itself.

Here is the new update data that has been released for hours: –

  • Add weapon MK47 and become available in maps of Irangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi
  • Add laser lens identification to enemies and add them to all maps
  • The Vikendi map is available in private play rooms Old sounds were added again to the game
  • Old sounds were added again to the game
  • You can now turn on or off ads on the pool island before you start the game from the settings
  • The fifth season of the game was added with the addition of some new expressions, dances and additions
  • Season 5 is now available with the addition of new prizes
  • The resources (weapons and equipment) were updated and the quantity adjusted The choice of (participation for transactions) is available again
  • New additions to Clan Add some modifications to the store Resources and supplies can now be accessed from the main menu

This is all that came in the update that was made hours ago, and users of Android or iOS can download the update from inside the game itself and the size of the update from 150 MB to 235 MB depending on the version and device used We are now waiting for the rest of the updates by adding the biometrics status as explained in the news that was published two days ago and you can see it from here.

Tensent announced that the rest of the updates may come within the next few days or at most within a week or two

We are here waiting for the remaining updates and we will inform you immediately after the official announcement so please do not forget to visit the site to see the latest updates for the game Bbgi Mobile Pubg Mobile.

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