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PUBG Battle Points: Everything You Need to Know

PUBG Battle Points are the free currency ​provided to players whenever they finish a match of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. The points have several uses, mostly related to purchasing cosmetics. Here’s everything you need to know about PUBG’s Battle Points.

​Battle Points, usually abbreviated BP, are awarded in PUBG at the end of every round of the game. They can be used to buy crates in the game, which can lead to more cosmetics. They’re the only currency independent of real world money, which makes them the best way to improve your wardrobe on the cheap.

Players earn more BP based on how well they perform in a round. More BP is awarded for each kill a player earns, as well as how much damage they deal, and how well they place in the game. A first place finish in solos grants 800 BP, 400 BP in duos, and 200 BP in squads.

To get the most BP as quickly as possible, it’s recommended players hunt for kills as aggressively as they can, as trying to survive to a win is a long shot with large downsides.

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