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PUBG for Mac How Does It Work?

PUBG for Mac is a doable process for Apple users. The game is not readily available to download on Macs, but there is a process for players.

Players will need to download GeForce NOW.

PUBG for MAC: How Does It Work?

You’ll first need an internet connection and then you’ll need to download GeForce NOW. Once you have downloaded the product, log onto Stream and pull up PUBG (or you’ll need to buy it for $29.99).

Once that’s done, you can play PUBG on your Mac!

Vikendi releases on PUBG Xbox and PS4 on Jan. 22. That marks a little over a month since the map was released on PC live servers. The map is also currently available on PUBG Mobile. PUBG Corp. did announce the map was going to release in January on both Xbox One and PS4, but now fans have a concrete date.

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