PUBG Parachute Overhaul to Land in PUBG Xbox Update 4

The parachute rework will arrive in PUBG Xbox on Tuesday as part of PUBG Xbox Update 4, according to patch notes released Friday by PUBG Corp.

The rework, which landed on ​PUBG PC ​on Dec. 10, aims to create a more intuitive, accessible and precise parachuting and free-falling experience for players. Check out the full list of changes below.


– Tapping left stick puts a player into a dive at full speed straight down towards the ground

– Turning speed is now much faster and has increased control, responsiveness, and precision


– Added new free-fall animations and increased overall control and responsiveness

– Tapping left stick drops the player faster to land more quickly

– Pulling left stick backwards lets the player glide for longer distance travel

– Players can now cut the parachute while relatively close to the ground by pressing B, even while still moving through the air

– Fall damage still applies

– Added new landing animations

-Colliding with buildings or objects while parachuting will now automatically cut a player’s parachute

– The parachute no longer disappears instantly after landing

PUBG Xbox Update 4 is also set to include Vikendi, the G36C assault rifle, the Skorpion automatic pistol, and the ​Survival Title system beta.

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