Survival Title System to Enter PUBG Xbox in Beta

The Survival Title system, a new progression system, is set to enter PUBG Xbox in beta form Tuesday, according to an announcement from PUBG Corp Friday.

The new system will reward PUBG players with titles based on their personal growth over the course of a competitive season rather than their performance relative to other players. Players will obtain titles displayed in the game lobby through consistently playing PUBG Xbox.

There are eight titles in total: Beginner, Novice, Experienced, Skilled, Specialist, Expert, Survivor and Lone Survivor. Each player begins with one Survival Point (SP). They can earn more, and earn higher titles, by playing games. Different playlists will award SP differently.

As a player progresses through the titles, they become more difficult to obtain. Titles beyond Expert require consistently strong placings and kill counts to achieve. Only the top 100 players will receive the Lone Survivor title. Players can be bumped from the title through inactivity or by other players surpassing them, making it the only title that can be lost.

The leaderboard will now highlight players who achieve the Lone Survivor title and will update every two hours.

Players will receive rewards based on the highest title they earn over the course of a season. Rewards will arrive at the start of the following season and will include various cosmetics. Survivors and Lone Survivors will receive the same rewards, at least in the first, beta season of the system.

PUBG Corp is seeking feedback from players on the new system and will look to incorporate that feedback on the path out of beta. The developer has previously attempted to improve player rewards and progression with the Survival Supply System and added the Survival Title system to PC on Dec. 26.

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