Changes That Need to Be Made to PUBG Xbox

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Xbox has come a long way since its arrival on the platform in Game Preview. Its received new cosmetics, new weapons, even new maps, and PUBG Corp has worked hard to fix its many bugs along the way. But there’s always more to be done. Here are four changes that need to be made to PUBG Xbox in 2019.

Ready Up Bug Fix

The ready up bug has afflicted PUBG on nearly every platform. It remains a serious nuisance on PUBG Xbox, where it frequently prevents players from joining the queue and finding their next match. No single bug should exist in a game for as long as this one has, and PUBG Corp needs to step up and solve the problem permanently.

Vehicle Skins

PUBG Corp has added a lot of customization options for players to decide how they present themselves in-game. Cosmetics already range from players’ heads to their toes, with a stop on the way for parachutes and weapons. Vehicle skins seem the next logical step, and a worthwhile addition for PUBG Corp to pursue.

Better Map Selection

Perfect map selection is, unfortunately, a pipe dream. Unless PUBG Xbox sees a truly massive, sustained influx of new players, the ability to choose maps individually will splinter the community and drive up queue times. Instead, PUBG Corp should sort maps based on size, with Erangel and Miramar in one playlist, and Sanhok and Vikendi in the other.

Item Highlights​

The item highlight feature was a useful way for players to quickly tell whether they’d looted an area completely. It outlined items on the floor with a soft glow, letting looters pick them out easily against the dark background. The feature appeared in-game for a while before being ​removed after reported performance problems. PUBG Corp needs to bring it back

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