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How to Know if the PUBG Servers Are Down

PUBG test server status can be difficult to track, often leading to frustrating repeated attempts to log in, only to be denied over and over without knowing why. Here’s how to know if the test servers are up.

PUBG Test Server Status: How to Know if the PUBG Servers Are Down

The first and potentially best way to know if PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS servers are down is to check the official PUBG Twitter accounts. The ​main PUBG account will occasionally feature updates about the servers’ availability, but the most helpful place to look is the ​@PUBG_Help account, as it’s the game’s primary support account.​

When scrolling through the PUBG Help account, look for the most recent tweet addressing the servers. PUBG Help will frequently update the status of the servers, regardless of whether they’re down because of scheduled maintenance or because of some kind of error.

If neither PUBG account has addressed server problems, try restarting your game client or checking your internet connection

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