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PUBG Voice Chat Not Working: How to Fix It

PUBG voice chat not working can occur now and again for players. Here is how to solve the PUBG voice chat not working problem correctly if it comes up.

PUBG Voice Chat Not Working: How to Fix it

If players find their voice chat isn’t working properly in PUBG, there are a number of steps to troubleshoot the problem and solve it. The error could occur for a number of reasons, and players will need to go through a checklist of sorts to figure out if it is a problem on PUBG Corp’s end or if it is caused by hardware problems.

Players should make sure they have the latest PUBG patch installed. Sometimes not having the right patch can cause unwanted problems. It is worth double-checking the sound settings in PUBG, and making sure the voice chat volume is not turned all the way down. Applying the same changes in Steam might also help solve the problem.

PC players should also make sure PUBG has access to their microphone by hitting the Windows key and “I” at the same time. They can then click on Privacy in Settings and see what apps have permission to use the microphone.

If the voice chat still won’t work, players should right-click on the volume icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and click on Sounds. After clicking on the Recording tab, make sure their microphone is set to the default device.

The PC will also need the latest sound drivers installed if they aren’t already.

If the steps don’t work, it is worth reaching out to PUBG Corp through its Twitter for further assistance.

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