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PUBG Zombies Xbox: Everything You Need to Know

PUBG Zombies on Xbox has been requested since the release of PUBG Xbox in 2017. The game had many other features and issues that PUBG Corp focused on instead and the community never got a zombies release in 2019.

That could change in Jan 2019

PUBG Zombies Xbox: Everything You Need to Know

For Xbox fans, players can play Zombies much like they can on PC, in custom matches. It’s not an actual game mode that players want, but it’s pretty close.

One of the biggest issues, though, is the likelihood of actually being a human in the mode. Most of the players have to be zombies when placed in the lobby.

It’s a different story for ​PUBG Mobile which could see an official zombies mode added to the game as PUBG Mobile has a partnership with Resident Evil. It hasn’t been finalized, but it would work perfectly for PUBG Corp to add a new game mode.


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