Soul Mortal reveals his choice of gun combos in the game

PUBG Mobile has been played by top-most mobile gamers all over the world. The graphics and the intensity of the game have attracted numerous gaming streamers towards it. Nowadays, people prefer watching PUBG Mobile over actually playing it. In the recent time, the Indian gaming community has surged to greater heights.

One such PUBG Mobile streamer and YouTuber, Naman Mathur aka SOUL MORTAL, is entertaining people with his extraordinary gaming skills. This 21-year-old graduate is a pro PUBG mobile player who has acquired ‘Conqueror’ tier in season 3. Moreover, his gaming skills and gun combination of SOUL MORTAL is the topic of discussion these days.

Which are the favourite guns of SOUL MORTAL?

If you are one who follows SOUL MORTAL, more often than not, you must have seen Mortal holding AKM and DP-28. It doesn’t matter how much ammo he carries, but the most favourite choice of Mortal will be the combination of DP-28 and AKM.

Why Does Mortal Prefer Using DP and AKM?

When one of his followers asked him the reason why he always carries DP-29 and AKM over any other guns, the SOUL MORTAL responded:

“I love DP-28 and AKM. The reason is pretty simple – they carry the most damage. If I choose other guns and by fortunate I get killed, the only thing that circulates in my mind is if I would have chosen DP-28 and AKM had I not been killed this way.”

Why Mortal hesitates in using Snipers? Which is his favourite sniper?

When Mortal is with his squad, he only plays with ARs (AKM, DP-28, M416), and sometimes SMGs (Vector, UMP). He hardly uses sniper; as he is not that perfect with the snipers and if AKM and DP are doing the job, why does he need the snipers? However, when he does have to chose a Sniper, he prefers using KAR98 and sometimes AWM (if the squad succeed in getting the Air-Drop).

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