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Ammo: .300

Arguably the best sniper rifle in the game, there is a good reason for the AWM being a rare drop from airdrop crates: it is the only non-shotgun with a power rating of 100. That translates to a one-hit kill on unarmoured enemies, and two shots if they are wearing armour; headshots against any level of helmet are a guaranteed kill. In addition, the AWM also has next to no bullet drop, so you should have no problem landing those lethal .300 magnum shots.

Karabiner 98 Kurz
Ammo: 7.62

If you are looking for a step up from the SKS in terms of range and stopping power then the Karabiner 98 Kurz is an excellent sniper rifle. Its vintage nature means a cripplingly slow fire rate, but it more than makes up for this with its accuracy at long range and two-hit kill potential for all levels of armour. In terms of attachments, the 98 Kurz can accept all scopes, basic muzzle attachments, the sniper rifle cheek pad, and bullet loops to increase your reload speed. You can find this sniper rifle across the map and in airdrop crates, making it the most popular sniper rifle in PUBG.

VSS Vintorez
Ammo: 9mm

A scarce weapon when it comes to spawn rates, the VSS Vintorez matches its rarity with some exotic PUBG weapon characteristics. For starters, if you find this fully-automatic, stubby sharpshooter, you will not then have to search for a scope and suppressor: it comes with both permanently attached. It also fires 9mm bullets, which are sub-sonic. Couple that with the suppressor and enemies stand no chance of detecting where your shots are coming from. You pay for those stealthy perks with incredibly low range, damage, and velocity for a sniper rifle. Due to that, you are best off using this sniper as an assault rifle or submachine gun. You can add a cheek pad and standard magazine attachments to the VSS.

Ammo: 7.62

Better than the Karabiner 98 Kurz, but not as good as the AWM – the M24 is a solid, bolt-action sniper rifle. Unlike the 98 Kurz, you can only get the M24 in airdrop crates.

Mk14 EBR
Ammo: 7.62

Another sniper rifle that can only be collected from airdrop crates, the Mk14 EBR is the beefier cousin of the SKS – decent sniping capacity with a fire rate that makes it competitive at medium range, too. The Mk14 EBR has a party trick, though, which is that you can switch it to fully automatic in a pinch. You can also fit sights, stocks, muzzles, and mags to the EBR to suit your battle royale needs. Lastly, this punchy sniper comes with a bipod underrail attachment that makes finishing off targets at long range simple.

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