PUBG Dev Letter Addresses Vikendi Item Spawn Rebalance

A PUBG developer letter released Wednesday by PUBG Corp addressed balance changes to the looting on Vikendi that landed on the Public Test Server.

In their letter, the ​PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS developers explained their submachine-focused design philosophy for Vikendi. Spawn rates for SMGs and their attachments were originally set at seven for every three assault rifles and AR attachments to allow SMG users to compete with ARs more easily.

Wednesday’s changes begin by increasing the AR spawn rate by 20 percent, ​adding the Bizon SMG, and dropping the Tommy Gun’s spawn rate by 52 percent. PUBG Corp has also decreased the number of designated marksman rifles on the map by 16 percent to keep the focus on close range combat.

4x scopes spawn at a slightly increased rate, while level three armor will appear less frequently. Level three helmet spawn rates dropped 49 percent, armor by 36 percent. Backpacks will spawn 11 percent more often, and sniper rifle muzzle and magazine attachments will spawn 40 percent less.

The balance changes arrive on the PTS beside the Bizon SMG and ​snowbike vehicle exclusively on Vikendi, ​canted sights, moonlight weather for Vikendi, and the ability to set a default firing mode for each class of weapon.

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