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Ammo: 5.56

The AWM might get the plaudits for being the most powerful long-range weapon in the game, but when it comes to upping your chances of getting a chicken dinner, the M249 LMG is the gun to hunt down. You can only find it in airdrop crates but this is a gun worth exposing yourself to enemy fire for. Being able to fire 100 bullets in less than ten seconds is useful for everything from suppressing enemies to clearing out buildings. To hammer the point further, you can cause 443 points of damage per second. On top of that, the M249 also has better bullet velocity than all other assault rifles, making it easy to land hits at long range. You can only attach different sights and scopes to the M249, though, so if you cannot handle its stats then the only thing that can help you is practice.

Ammo: 7.62

Like the M249, the DP-28 can only have sights and scopes as attachments. Unlike the M24, however, you can find this Russian LMG as a world drop, making it much safer to acquire. It packs a punch with every 7.62 bullet, but you can manage the substantial recoil by deploying the integrated bipod. Its slow rate of fire and low bullet velocity make its recoil very manageable at short and medium ranges.

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