Micro Uzi
Ammo: 9mm

This PUBG weapon is the epitome of spray and pray. Due to its poor damage you will only want to use the Micro Uzi early into a match, where its high rate of fire should shred unarmoured enemies looting as they search through buildings for loot. It is nigh-on impossible to control while aiming down sights, so stick to hip fire. The Micro Uzi can be fitted with a stock, muzzle add-ons, and various magazine tweaks.

Tommy Gun
Ammo: .45

Ah, the Chicago Typewriter – if you want to feel like a mobster then nothing beats the Tommy Gun. Hard-hitting .45 rounds make this one of the most powerful submachine guns in Battlegrounds, but an inability to attach sights and some unpredictable recoil mean this weapon is only useful in expert hands. Extended mags are a must as they double the Tommy Gun’s magazine capacity without adding any time to the reload speed.

Ammo: .45

You only get 13 rounds per magazine for this close-quarters killer, so make extended magazine your priority when looting. Fortunately, the Vector boasts moderate damage, high rate of fire, and very low recoil, so landing those hits does not take an expert marksman. That said, exercise caution when pulling the trigger as it takes just over a second to empty a standard magazine. The Vector also benefits from being able to receive a grip, various magazine types, muzzles, sights and scopes, and a stock. This is one of the best PUBG weapons for close encounters.

Ammo: 9mm

One of the most common PUBG weapons, the UMP9 will serve you well between close and medium range, but as it serves as a bridge between SMGs and assault rifles it does not excel in any particular situation. Fairly manageable recoil with a grip and compensator attachment equipped, high damage, and common 9mm rounds make this a stalwart of the submachine guns category.

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