Snowbike Enters PUBG PTS in PC

PUBG added the snowbike to PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS PC Public Test Server on Wednesday in PUBG Update 25.

The snowbike can only be found on PUBG Vikendi and serves as the motorcycle counterpoint to the snowmobile’s sturdier sedan.

In the ​patch notes, ​PUBG Corp describes it as faster and more mobile than the snowmobile, but much less durable. It will replace the motorcycle on Vikendi, removing that vehicle from the map.

The  PUBG snowbike will add greater flexibility in how players move around Vikendi’s frozen forests and towns.

The Bizon submachine gun, previously teased in a trailer for Vikendi and ​uncovered by data miners, ​also arrived in Wednesday’s PUBG PTS update, as did ​canted sight attachments allowing for two sights on a single weapon, a rebalance to loot on Vikendi, new moonlight weather for the snow map, and the ability to set a default firing mode for each class of weapon.

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