PUBG Canted Sights

PUBG’s Canted Sights are a good addition to the game, with several reasons explaining why. The newest update to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also sees the introduction of new weapons, a Night Mode, a new version of Vikendi, and a snowbike. Available on the test servers on PC, this update makes good on the content first spotted in November of 2018.

PUBG, officially released Dec. 20, 2017, after a long period in Steam’s early-access program, has long been defined by ranged weaponry, and the longer the range the better. The popular shooter has a high reliance on aiming-down-sights (ADS) to ensure weapon accuracy, especially when paired with the game’s unusual quirk in drop mechanics for bullets. Scopes that could be attached to weapons were highly-prized for this reason.

PUBG Canted Sights: Why It’s Good

The canted sight’s introduction alleviates a weakness of the more powerful and more highly-prized magnifying scopes. The zoom feature that gave weapons higher accuracy over longer ranges also presented a weakness when ambushed, as the obscuring effect when scoping-in could often lead to losing track of opponents and consequently death.

By attaching a canted sight to the weapon, players can now have the option of using the scope for long-distance engagements while switching quickly to the canted sight for up-close fights without wasting time scoping or switching weapons. Sights also avoid vision loss in the crucial milliseconds of scoping to help keep track of the opponent.

It should be warned that the canted sight has a slightly different angle in both weapon model and when aiming with the sights. Players should familiarize themselves with this new weapon’s quirks.

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