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PUBG Erangel: where to loot, how to win

If you’re diving into PUBG for the first time, then this is probably the best map to start out in. Erangel’s Russian inspired island is full of dense forests, abandoned towns and military complexes, and so many vantage points that danger could be around every corner. This guide will show you where to loot and tell you how to win.

Now it’s time get properly acquainted with Erangel, the first map that came with the game. We’ll be looking at general tips for spotting a good landing zone, areas that tend to be teeming with players and those that are a bit more peaceful. We’ll also be covering vehicle spawns and some tips for how to hide and move around without (probably) being shot in the back of the head.

Popular drop locations in Erangel

Wherever you choose to drop at the start of a round, it’s always worth taking note of a few things. First, you’ll want to have a close look at the trajectory of the plane. This isn’t just so you can pick where to land, which we’ll cover in the next two sections, it’s also an invaluable tool for guessing where other players are likely to end up. If you can remember it 20 minutes into the game, then you’ll have a good idea of which directions people are most likely to come from. If memorising the route sounds like too much effort, then fortunately James Lantz has made a handy tool for tracing the plane route. It also highlights the areas either side of it that people are likely to drop into, as well as potential vehicle spawns and other useful titbits.

Before I go into individual spots, have a gander at this handy interactive map. It’s got all the information you need to navigate Erangel, and is worth slapping up on a second screen while playing if you’ve got one. While the amount of people that end up in each location will vary based on the plane trajectory, generally speaking the red zones labelled as ‘high loot’ areas are the ones that you’ll have the toughest time fighting over. Landing in one of these and surviving the ensuing fight can result in you being fully equipped for the rest of the game.


The school is bang in the middle of the map, and consequently one of the bloodiest places in Erangel. Its 3 floors of high quality loot can get flooded with players, making this a dicey drop to say the least. When I’m going for a loud start, I tend to prefer to visit places that are a little less crowded. It’s just too easy to get caught out in one of the long, narrow corridors when death can come from either side of you. If you do go for it, then my advice would be to pick one of the classrooms (if you can make it to one) and ambush people with a short range weapon as they run in. That should see you through the initial carnage, and once things have quietened down a little you can start hunting out people yourself. If you do manage to get the place to yourself, then the pool room can make for an excellent sniping spot.


The town of Pochinki is another central location, which again makes it a popular attraction. You’ll want to spend as little time as possible running between buildings, as you can bet there’ll be people watching from the windows. It’s much better to be one of those people: set up shop upstairs in a house once you’ve found some decent equipment and wait for your prey. It can be surprisingly easy to spot people moving around in other buildings too, though remember that will apply to you as well. As with the School, being near the centre of the map will mean you shouldn’t have much trouble staying inside the circle. It can be fine to loiter in one building for most of the game, especially as killing someone who’s spent the whole game looting is as good as going to the trouble yourself. Complain about camping all you like, it’s a damn effective tactic.

Sosnovka Military Base

As you’d expect, the military base is packed with high-tier gear. However, it’ll also be packed with people trying to claim that gear for themselves. The radar antenna in the north-west offers anyone that can climb it an excellent view of most of the area, though they’re liable to be picked off themselves. This is another area where the geography combined with the volume of likely visitors make it a tough place to recommend: even the most skillful players will still find themselves being killed from one angle or another. It also has the massive problem of being in the far south of the map where the circle is likely to be far away, meaning you’ll have to cross one of two bridges (or find a boat) which are choke points almost always clogged by players waiting to ambush you.


Georgopol is a city located on the far west of the map, and is separated by a river into two sections. As you can see from the interactive map, the apartment blocks in the south-east contain the best loot and can get busy, though unless the plane passes over Georgopol at the start then the fighting won’t get as heated as the School or Pochinki. The hospital in the south is also well worth considering. Due to its size, it’s usually possible to touch down in a more isolated spot and get a few minutes of looting to yourself if either place looks off-puttingly crowded.

Shelter (Bunker)

Discovering there’s an underground bunker, typically filled with top-tier loot, is a lovely surprise in Battlegrounds. Less lovely is discovering that it’s usually a deathtrap, with multiple corridors that lack any cover offering an easy ambush to anyone that’s got there before you. It’s located towards the east, and you’ll have to spot the entrances yourself as they’re not marked as buildings on the map. If you do manage to get there first, then you can turn this to your favour – although you’ll then have to work out how to get out of this subterranean nightmare. For me, if the bunker is far away from the trajectory and I’ve managed to secure a vehicle in the first minute or two, then I’ll hot foot it and try to be in and out before anyone else gets there. Otherwise it’s a no go.

Mylta Power

Mylta Power, in the south-east of the map, offers good gear but can be teeming with players if it’s near the start of the plane’s path. The smaller section of it that’s more inland is typically a better bet than the larger section further east. This is both because it’ll be closer to the circle, and because the loot spawn locations are more densely packed together.

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