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PUBG’s Erangel map tips

Now you know where’s worth visiting, but you should also know how to survive in order to reach those places (if you haven’t managed to grab a vehicle). Crouching in a bush, as daft as it may seem, can be surprisingly effective. This is less relevant if you’re playing in first person as the foliage can obscure your aim more than it can your character, but in third person a bush can provide a safe place to scan an area before moving through it. It takes some force of will to remain still, and every now and then someone will catch you out, but if you don’t get spotted heading into one then people are unlikely to see you. The same applies to going prone in ditches, which offer even more camouflage at the cost of a more awkward firing angle.

If you’re keen to learn more about the maps that were released later on in Plunkbat’s history, you can head to either our PUBG Miramar map, or PUBG Sanhok map guides respectively. We’ll leave you with one last trick that might just save you in a pinch: a vehicle that’s rolling downhill can be used as moving cover. Play us out, Evermore.

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